Point Circle


Carry me on down the electric highway
To the windless plains of Troy
Where the forest of question marks grows
Among the sun of synoptic finality

And in the void of the dimensionless place
There to taste the perfume
Where the point circle flowers
Mass is infinite and light only is*

Where the line of existence cuts the plane of now
Subsists the point of me
Line, plane and point exist without thickness
The circle of self has no diameter

This non-existent pointless point
Where movement is bound is where the pointers point
For all dimensions remain at rest
While endless vistas greet the I


This is a repost from 2011. My apologies to any current readers who have seen it before. Perhaps the video and music will compensate.

* Infinite Mass and the Universe



Deeply enough within
We are one another

When we harm another
We harm ourselves

Through acknowledging this truth
And acting from that understanding

If there is still a wish to harm
Then the only question is

Why should I feel
I want to hurt myself?



With a naive foolishness I missteered my age
As brick by brick I built around myself a prison
Finding myself in chains I screamed my rage
Today a calmer balance brings me wisdom


For Kim, with love.

Stuck In A Groove


Round and round we go
Home is for the hopeless
Hope is for the homeless
Round and round we go



Letters conspire
Words end up sentenced to death
Reality slips the noose



- A plausible but misleading or fallacious argument.


- Investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, … based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods.

(From //www.wordnik.com/words/

Words Of Love


We enshrine
Them in Valentine cards
Repeat them in wedding vows

But then
At some point
Somehow everything has changed

“I thought you’d never ask”

“Hold me close and tell me how you feel”

“Tell me love is real”

You Are The Battlefield.

In between poems …

Again And Again


Each moment is a learning
If we are able to take heed
Thus we spark one another
Into some new fresh blazing

“if you aren’t a person of color you can’t have on racism”

Originally posted on BrassKnuckleHippie:

Check out my latest video blog post! I’ve long thought of posting about this but was too scared! However it is my experience that by sharing our thoughts we allow others to tell their truth :

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From The Heart


Two hearts we have
One full to overflowing
The other halfblown, aching
For the fulfilment of the other half

The first is but a simple wavelet
Rippling on throughout the Allthereis
This other: a rowboat … adrift, forlorn
Detached from its moorings, lost at sea

Drunk in charge, a bewildered admiral
Sways this way and that with the wind
Locked into a half nelson, half-blinded
Expected to fabricate the material for

A memoir to commit to fading paper
And an epitaph to carve in granite
Our eyes but a neutral recorder
Of course not even our own


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