Growing an E-face a luxury
Unavailable pre digital age

Under some nom de plume
One may cavort, announce
In the everyday one-to-one
That kept mum face-to-face

Face-to-face … ah but then

Supposing one meets one
Drifting, similarly cloaked

Ships that pass in the night

Look Into The Sun

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Look into the sun
Feel the magnetic anomaly
Look into the moon
where all your memories are hidden
Your eyes will shine like gems
Every vibrant soul a precious gem
in this golden cosmic adornment
Every star in cold dark space
a diamond in the dusty treasure chest of time
Strung with beads of fine rare stones
Glowing with the passion of infinite hearts
Look into the sun if you dare
Our destinies orbiting around one another there
Your eyes will shine with secrets
of other worlds
Every planet’s legend
will beckon to your call

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Permanence and impermanence dance a jig
All the fun of the fair in a pig in a fancy poke
Participant spectators, laughing hysterically
Act impressed while secretly not quite so sure

Standing Still

Ben Naga:

I wanted to repost this poem of Kims so that more people who have not seen it already on her site https://silentlyheardonce.wordpress.com . We share a number of fellow readers, but even if you have it is well worth reading again.

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Image found on FB

Image found on FB

breathing the same air
still we’re guilty without trial
marriages between races
still you fear my large son
I’m your supervisor
yet your salary is more
we have come so far
standing still

my hair is groomed just as yours
why do you want feel mine
my kids share when they play
why do you tell yours to stay away
we have come so far
standing still

you see, like you I bleed red
I want what you want
love, peace and happiness
I need what you need
food, clothing and sheltering
we have come so far
standing still

there is evil in your race
and some in mine
I don’t judge you
for their disgraces
could you, would you
do the same for me
we have come so far
standing still

for every step ahead
we fall back twice as hard
kids of many skins

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Some song! Some performance! (Warning. Sexual content.)

NEXT – Jacques Brel

Naked a sin
An army towel, covering my belly
Some of us weep, some of us howl
Knees turn to jelly, but Next! Next!
I was just a child
A hundred like me
I followed a naked body
A naked body followed me, Next! Next!
I was just a child when my innocence was lost
In a mobile army whorehouse
A gift of the army, free of cost. Next! Next! Next!

Me, I really would have liked a little bit of tenderness
Maybe a word, maybe a smile, maybe some happiness, but Next! Next!
Oh, it was not so tragic
and heaven did not fall
But how much at the time
I hated being there at all, Next! Next!
I still recall the brothel trucks, the flying flags
The queer lieutenant slapped our arses
He’s thinking we are fags. Next! Next! Next!

I swear on the wet head of my
First case of gonorrhea
It is his ugly voice that I forever hear, Next! Next!
A voice that stinks of whiskey, corpses and of mud
The voice of nations
The thick voice of blood, Next! Next!
Since then each woman I have taken into bed
They seem to lie in my arms
And they whisper in my head, Next! Next!

Oh, the naked and the dead
Could hold each others hands
As they watch me dream at night
In a dream that nobody understands
And though I am not dreaming in a voice grown dry ‘n’ hollow
I stand on endless naked lines of the following and the followed
The Next! Next!

One day I’ll cut my legs off
I’ll burn myself alive
I’ll do anything to get out of life, to survive
Not ever to be next, Next! Next!
Not ever to be next, not ever

Contact Imminent


We are almost there
All expectations intact
Yet we hesitate

Clothed In Flesh


Subterranean as moles
Senses a-twitching, yes
A juicy meal discerned
So, alive a while longer

Underwater divers, we
Cut adrift (sans scuba)
Need break the surface
Lest we quickly drown

I Man A Go Cool I Up On Da Hilltop

One for Kim and Jenny.

Saturn In Libra


Death and destruction
The scales remain in balance
The whole remains one

HOPE AND FAITH ~ by Fran Zepeda/Higher Self

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“For Those Shrouded in Darkness,

There is always the Light.

For every cloud in the sky,

There is a breeze to change its form.

For every path that is blocked,

There is a clearing.

For every bird in the cage,

There is a hand to set it free…

…If you believe it so…

If you believe it to Be.

Such is the anatomy of Hope, dear ones;

Such is the anatomy of Faith,

So carry on with your Hope held High,

And never waiver in your Faith;

For in that, the dark turns Light

And the Heart glows deeply in its wake.”

Written/Channeled by Fran Zepeda/Higher Self August 20, 2014

Copyright © 2011-2014 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. www.franhealing.com     www.franheal.wordpress.com

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