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To trust is to risk

Equal Or Not?




We are simply cells
In one huge nervous system
Pulsing messengers
Yet these cells have consciousness
No wonder we are nervous



Fools define it as
A fortunate happenstance
While behind the scenes …

Teaching, Learning And Intuition


You asked me last Thursday, or as I recall it
To “Please e-mail me with a gentle reminder”

Yet, for reasons not really worth recounting
It has taken me a couple of days to do this

And this has allowed me to pad out my e-mail
With a couple of videos I think will interest you

Plus an article on the castration of education
So clearly the delay was in some way important


Originally posted on silentlyheardonce:

Google Image

Google Image

a long leg spider creeps
along a wooden fence
next to a an ancient maple
in a whisper she crawls
under the glow of the moon
crickets rubbing their feet
surrounded by peace
dark in a corner
she spins her web
each silky thread a purpose
crafting a geometrical pattern
an intricate maze of
twist and turns
joining one line to the other
a fort against predators
whom lurk in the shadows near
securing her future
her center core

Google Image

Google Image

ants carrying
here, there, everywhere
a hundred times its weight
toiling below
the fire of the sun
against blowing wind
sharing a community
each a purpose
each a job
together they survive
they carry their own
because he ain’t heavy
a vision that inspires
the reason to sustain
in earth’s eco system

Google Image

Google Image

each day we build our future
reaching hearts, minds and souls
the writer…

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I hear Men are from Mars
Women are from Venus
Well I arrived in Cancer

And hail from the Moon
One in constant change
Think “Wax on, wax off”

An oblique instruction
I will not feed that cancer
I see destroying the Earth

Sevenling “This Article Has Multiple Issues”


“This article has multiple issues,” quoth Wikipedia.
“Needs attention from an expert on the subject …
May not adequately summarize key points of its contents.”

“This article needs additional citations for verification.”
“This article is an orphan … mysterious, offbeat or disturbing
Giving a feeling that only part of the story is being told.”

As I suspected, Wikipedia and my therapist follow my blog.


(Being of course the article in question.)



Wherever we go
And whatever surrounds us
Here we are again


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