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POTUS Poots Forth Another


“Wake up, Pop, you have to meet the press.”
“What is it this time? Why can’t I just tweet?”
“This Harvey thing’s too big. You have to meet.
And be careful not to look like you couldn’t care less.”

“Why don’t you go, Ivanka, in a slinky low-cut dress?
Distract ’em. Let your booty take the heat.”
“But you’ll be on TV, centre stage, comfy seat.”
“Well in that case … Oh no! Look! My hair’s a mess.”

Now he’s in make-up sat polishing his schtick
And figuring out ways he can stroll off with some big money.
“I’ll have him deported.” “I’ll make Mexico build a big wall.”
“I’ll nuke him.” “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

Trouble is while thousands are suffering yer bumpkin’s so thick
He thinks “this Harvey thing” is an invisible six-foot bunny.


NOTE Any prurient innuendo or double entendre is fully intentional.



Badge Of Shame

P & P


Pride and prejudice
I love the book but hate it
Used as a motto

Gender Issues


The suicide decided after all to cross the river.
Styx a stone’s throw away – Too many thrown stones.
Crossed over now into who knows what or where. Into
who knows beneath all that faith and charity after all?

Cruelly abandoned by us all; backed up into corners.
All those accusatory closed doors, shuttered windows.
Words not the sole way to show a soul’s distress though.
Tiny gestures, reactions, dress choice speak volumes;
sightlessness alive and well among the seeing.

The suicide decided to cross the river.
(Styx a stone’s throw away after all.)
Many too many thrown stones.
And words not the sole way
to show a soul’s distress.

Gambol, Gambol


“Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.”

Gambol, gambol, little lamb
How I wonder who I am!
Dancing, prancing, high then low,
Never knowing where I go.

Belt And Braces


Even when drifting
In a cloud of unknowing
It’s a good idea
To keep your wits about you
After all you never know

Wielding The Force (A Four By Six)


Jobsworths* and Presidents
Share the same brazen* view
What’s the point of power
If you don’t abuse it?


*Jobsworth: a minor factotum whose only status comes from enforcing otherwise petty regulations.

*Brazen: Unrestrained by a sense of shame; rudely bold.



We know so little
While imagining so much
And calling it truth

The Cost


If/As, as is surmised,
time as is/has/will be
for ever stamped suchly

then, one may wonder,
does it not perforce follow
some one immutable history

so that, even whether
following an imagined script
is or is not compulsory,

one’s apparent will is not free
as such, but simply entails
its own incumbent price?

Lessons From George Orwell’s ‘1984’

This article is a companion to my recent post The Daily Grind.

Lessons from George Orwell’s ‘1984’

(For Beth, with love.)


Lost Souls (A Four By Six)


You find them everywhere
Ignorant, arrogant
Deadly combination
Take care you don’t join them

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