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She Seats Herself To Write


She seats herself to write

Half fearing her writing
Will drive her mad while
Half hopes it will cure her

In two minds – Ah, if only
Thinks were so simple
Turmoil turmoil turmoil

Enough! Dismisses them all
And seats herself to write


Meeting Point (Reposted)


Mythmakers all we are
And so meeting
Compare our mythologies
(Like so many have before)
Inner fire and heirlooms
Bounced cheques and littered highways
Dream rivers that disappear into the sand
Heartflow that stops and starts
And the long work of reconstruction

Artists all we are
And so meeting
Compare our artistry
Plain talk with rich recesses
Nuances to old questions
The curl of the cry
At the wellsprings of voice

Hunter at bay
The poet crawls and capers
Across the carnival and charnel-house of life
Fractious fragment of the Creator
Who hath made all things well
Adolescent loneliness
Adult uncertainty
Menopausal anxiety
And senile decay

Actors all we are
Though no spectator views us
And so meeting
Compare our pasts and futures
As all our heres and nows come down to one

Are Naga Dragons Really Dragons At All?*

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

A big thanks to Annie for this beautiful Dragon-related award.

It seems I have to proffer five facts about myself. I have picked my way in between facts I have previously revealed elsewhere (to the best of my knowledge) and those I would rather conceal for one reason or another, thank you, and come up with these:

1. I am left-handed.

2. I have been there and come back.

3. I began life in a Christian house and never left home.

4. However I have built on several extensions, some quite extensive..

5. I am not much of a gardener.

I am also required to nominate between five and ten fellow writers. So, in no particular order:

1. the secret keeper

2. MacKenzie’s Dragon’s Nest

3. Four Windows Press

4. In wonderland

5. The Prattle of Hastings
Smaug Approves


Introducing Yourself Alphabetically


Amused, bemused castaway
Delinquent, evanescent, fugitive

Gabbles heedlessly
Incorrigibly juvenile


Loves music

Occupationally puzzled

Quietly rabid
Silently troubled

Unaccountably vain
Witless Xenaphile




…..Amused – pleasurably entertained, occupied, or diverted; aroused to mirth.
…..Bemused – bewildered or confused; lost in thought; preoccupied.
…..Castaway – a shipwrecked person; an outcast; anything cast adrift or thrown away.
…..Delinquent – failing in or neglectful of a duty or obligation; a person who is delinquent.
…..Evanescent – vanishing; fading away; fleeting.
…..Fugitive – having taken flight, or run away; fleeting; transitory; elusive; wandering, roving
……….or vagabond.
…..Gabbles – speaks or converses rapidly and unintelligibly; jabbers.
…..Heedlessly – carelessly; thoughtlessly; unmindfully.
…..Incorrigibly – bad beyond correction or reform.
…..Juvenile – of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or suitable or intended for young persons;
……….immature; childish; infantile.
…..Knotty – involved, intricate, or difficult.
…..Ne’er-do-well – useless; worthless; an improvident, irresponsible, or lazy person.
…..Occupationally – of that which chiefly engages one’s time.
…..Puzzled – to be perplexed or confused; to ponder or study over some perplexing problem or
…..Rabid – irrationally extreme in opinion or practice; furious or raging; violently intense.
…..Troubled – concerned, worried; exhibiting emotional or behavioural problems.
…..Unaccountably – incomprehensibly, mysteriously.
…..Vain – excessively proud of or concerned about one’s own appearance, qualities,
……….achievements, etc.; conceited; proceeding from or showing personal vanity; senseless or
…..Witless – nitwitted, senseless, soft witted.
…..Xenaphile – No, this is not a typo, nor does it mean that I love foreigners (apart from the
……….Warrior Princess of course)
…..Yea sayer – a person with an optimistic and confident outlook; a person who habitually
……….agrees with or is submissive to others.
…..Zany – ludicrously or whimsically comical; clownish.

Poetic Being


How multiplex
These vehicles
Of self-expression

The varieties
Of pain
Of rapture

Endured solitary
Or broadcast
Into vacuum



Some men like shaving
Among them I never was
Waste of precious time

The Lost Lamb


Stumbled today while browsing
As is alas too frequently the case
‘pon words of a fellow scribbler
Who had also, seems, stumbled

Without either failing to notice
Or perhaps even failed to care

Gave up the ghost of inspiration
Fumbled on and so misstepped
Then published (and be damned)
With time leaning on the doorbell

No blame or judgement of mine
(Beyond those too late to deny)
Yet I miss what might have been
Without a premature judgement

The untimely call to strike camp
Better listen to the inner voice
The heart – the inspiring spirit
O go ye seek the one lost lamb


– Source: How-To Geek Newsletter (

Park And Ride

2. Southport 19.6.14

The Audacious Author


Who needs a critic?
But then on the other hand
Who needs to be one?

Chicken Noise In A Pig Neighbourhood


They tried to close off that shaft
With signs that said “Danger”
But the sign over the entrance read “Mine”
So he went in anyway

You thought those ways he took
Were simply for pleasure or escape
You’d been left knowing no better
I suppose

Lift your eyebrows
And mutter together in corners all you like
The street light is a comfort
But not where you dropped your keys†


* Refers to a children’s party game. On a slip of paper, write the name of an animal that makes an obvious noise. Create five to ten slips for each animal, depending on the size of the party, although it clearly needs to be fairly large for the game to work. Give each participant a slip of paper, but tell them to keep their animal a secret. The participants are to find the rest of their kind, but there is no talking. So how do they find the others? They have to make the noise of the animal. Once two of the same kind have found each other, they stay together to find more. Continue until all of the like animals have created one big group. Fun as a child; as an adult you learn the dangers of making a chicken noise in a pig neighbourhood. Try supporting your team from the wrong end of the stadium …

† Most of us have heard the old story of the drunk who looks under the street light for his lost keys, even though he lost them elsewhere, because the light is better there.

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