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Just Be(cause)


Looking into things

(S)he realised I am Trump!
Time for a rethink …
Did I have a hand in this?
And what do I seek to learn?

Earlier in between showers
(S)he went into the garden
(With not a Maud in sight)*

Ladybird, ladybird fly away home
Your house is on fire, children all gone
Going, going, going, gone

India told me once just be
Give the wheel away
But not to just anyone
Don’t be so laxy#

Open the canister, get to the man inside
Quiet and thoughtful of others
Not the fly God
Nor the shy god

Believe and you will be transformed

~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~


# No, not a typo. 🙂

Eye Contact


In that instant
Soul to soul
One sole soul
‘I’ contact

There’s Only One I In Bigotry: Tanka


God gave us two eyes
In His infinite wisdom
So we could see things
From more than one point of view
But one too many for some

Please Help Us God


We know the drill
If not from life then TV
“I swear to tell the truth
The whole truth and nothing
But the truth so help me God”

So much of what we believe
We know is but subjectivity
Built as we grope our way
Of calcified assumptions
And received knowledges

There does indeed exist
An essential framework
With a good and a bad
That is nicely pliable so
Applicable as required

Sadly heart and mind concur
We are all too oftentimes
Cut off from our source
And so unwittingly impose
Our own distortions instead

Comments Are Us


It is believed by many
The world was created
By a god or a goddess
And we hir creatures
One hand, many fingers

Or maybe two hands
With the one full of light
The other full of darkness
Most of the time it seems
We individuals are hybrids

Putting ever busy hands to
Every last thing imaginable
Building and then destroying
Drowning in our own opinions
Is is what is – Comments are us

Armageddon: Acrostic








The Sunlit Path: Senryu


She follows her heart
Save in the certain knowledge
That it is not hers



Sizeless is spirit
Unseen beyond its creation
And God is a verb

I Told You There’s No One There (Republished)


Some folks on the road to heaven
Are tempted to go astray.
All knew Parson Brown was one of these,
And golf what he wanted to play.

For he was only human.
But his flock didn’t see it that way.
“A vicar succumbing while we’re around?
Say, that’ll be the day!”

So every time he drove past the course
He saw the windows wide
And knew well that his stern parishioners
Were watching from the other side.

His frustration raged within him
Till he woke one morning at five.
The weather was fine and they were all asleep
As he crept down to the drive.

He quickly made his way to the course
And headed out for the first green,
Chuckling at the thought of what he was doing
And all without being seen.

But he’d forgotten the Angel Michael,
Who roused God from his forty winks
And said, “Wake up, Sire, it’s Parson Brown
And he’s out there on’t links!”

“Then I must punish him,” said God.
“As you know, it’s my wont with men.
And I promise you one thing, Michael;
That he won’t do this again!”

The vicar meanwhile was teeing off
In the early morning sun
But what a surprise he got when he found
That he’d scored a hole in one.

“Lord have mercy,” he exclaimed,
“Mercy upon my soul.”
But he’d even stronger language
When it happened at the second hole.

He went on to complete his hat trick;
Such golfing must astound.
The only man in history
To achieve an eighteen stroke round.

Even Michael, who’d watched the whole thing,
Couldn’t quite take it all in.
“But … but … but …” he spluttered to God,
“Tell me, how will THAT punish his sin?”

A wicked smile traversed God’s face,
And he answered, “Extremely well.
You and I may know what happened
But who can Parson Brown tell?”

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

Note that both God and Michael have broad Yorkshire accents.

The Projectionists (a poem)


Unendingly we puzzle and wrestle
To make some kind of a sense of
This motley old world of ours

This mad higgledy-piggledy mishmash
Of ecstasy and misery, joy and pain
On-off light and dark, good and evil

Why oh why oh why, we wonder
Does whoever created such beauty
Permit also ugliness, such cruelty?

What stories and parables we devise
Telling of gods and devils locked tight
In pitched battle until we know not when

After some time looking into the case
Internally as well as beyond these eyes
Decided we see projection, in both senses

The dualistic dual played out in the world
Actually takes place within our own minds
No matter why we may find ourselves here

Ours is the awesome power and free will
That is our inheritance and our birthright
And also therefore ours the responsibility

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