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Holy Blasphemy, Batman (A Four By Six)


If You are all this then
As You tell me I am
Then are You not me too
And I conversely You


I Talk to the trees

2016 And Counting


Fingers crossed plus prayers
Having surveyed the options
A broad church indeed
Some trust to Luck, others God
Let’s keep all options covered



Many moons ago
And many moons to suffer
Yet but an eye-blink
Moistening the opened eye
That is ever unblinking

One Two Many


All of us unique
Yet also somehow the same.
Words? Don’t give me words!
Projected imaginings
Masquerading as a truth.

Meeting Point (Reposted)


Mythmakers all we are
And so meeting
Compare our mythologies
(Like so many have before)
Inner fire and heirlooms
Bounced cheques and littered highways
Dream rivers that disappear into the sand
Heartflow that stops and starts
And the long work of reconstruction

Artists all we are
And so meeting
Compare our artistry
Plain talk with rich recesses
Nuances to old questions
The curl of the cry
At the wellsprings of voice

Hunter at bay
The poet crawls and capers
Across the carnival and charnel-house of life
Fractious fragment of the Creator
Who hath made all things well
Adolescent loneliness
Adult uncertainty
Menopausal anxiety
And senile decay

Actors all we are
Though no spectator views us
And so meeting
Compare our pasts and futures
As all our heres and nows come down to one

Miss Nomer


I believe in God
Because He’s stupid enough
To believe in me



So here you me it is out there in here too
So yes yes the same but not the same too
So not so intent so less so more intent too
So here you me it is out there in here too

Oh God!


On the one hand – God
On the other – Religion
While in the between
Lie didactic certainty
And much misunderstanding

Looking For God

The Old Prophet went up into the mountains in search of God, and there he had a great Realisation.

And when he returned again to the tents of his people, they gathered round him and said, “Tell us, O Prophet, what manner of creature is this God?”

And he looked at them for a long moment, deep in thought.

And finally he said, slowly and unblinkingly, “God is a verb.”

And behold, the people bowed down and worshipped dictionaries.

– From The Book Of Guff