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Interlocutory Discourse


I inform you you’ve a
Quite unique way of
Employing words

But then you are
Probably aware
Of that and so

My own words?
Maybe not?

Who knows?
Not you?
Nor I?

Allein: Senryu


Seeking another
Full of hope and determination
Yet without success

Comet Alert


His mind and body were discovered
During her ongoing extensive search
For objects that might at some point
Disastrously impact with her planet

Fellow Traveller: Shadorma


Perhaps we’ll
Meet along the way
Share a loaf
Recount our
Adventures and disasters
Then go on our way

Dead End: Senryu


Time to say fare well
She is a waste of his time
As he is of hers

Lost In Translation: Shadorma


I love you
A complex concept
To try to
Get across
When we know so few words of
Another’s language

Anathema: Shadorma


She found it
An anathema
To answer
His question
She appeared not to realise
Just how rude it was

Cosy Castle


Out in the black a tiny spark
Blooms into flaming flesh
That flickers, a fiery dancer
Amidst a slowly forming picture
Imagined, improved, approved as
Yes … that castle only dreamt of
Time and effort bring it into view
With towers, turrets and bartizans
Crenellations atop sturdy walls
Moat and drawbridge, portcullis
A statement of power, of dominion
A protection gainst any assault
From the envious or less fortunate
Fully equipped with arrow slits
Endless ramparts, battlements
Murder holes and oubliettes
Till in time as will in time all
The tide turns and with a sigh
The sandcastle returns to sand

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

This is a response to Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #80

The Living Room


We’re uncertain exactly where we are
Or what it is we are for that matter
One day we found ourselves cohabiting
No idea how that happened to happen

The bedroom’s not to either of our tastes
But that matters not, we pay little heed
Spend time in sleep, dreaming or dalliance
The living room – quite another matter

For here is where we spend most of our time
Agreeing, disagreeing, arguing
It seems important to get it just right
If only our visions weren’t so diverse

No that’s not it let’s try it over here
Or maybe a slightly different colour
You say we preferred it a while ago
I have to say I don’t remember that

Paint tester pots have left their splotchy marks
Loved by the one but not by the other
A whole rainbow of dissatisfactions
Look around – our living room is a mess

All kinds of ill-matching chairs and sofas
Piled with old issues of Ideal Home
Not a place we ever sit and relax
Let’s face it … we’re just as ill-matched ourselves

We strove to create our own mise-en-scène
The expression of that that which we are
Let’s give up as we are already here
For this is our truth – a study in contrasts

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

This is a response to Jamie Dedes’ Wednesday Writing Prompt

À La Mcluhan: Cinqku


In white ink
On white paper
Made what she had to say
Quite clear

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