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Here one sees water
While here is ice and here steam
One seamless lesson


Flies (Reposted)


One fly
On either side of a pane of glass
Each one crawling
Concentratedly searching
For a way through this invisible
But so tangible barrier
To its freedom

Seems to notice the other
And so is not disheartened
Or amused
To see the vanity of it all
Still less consider what then
If the glass is but a mirror

So people too
At liberty within the boundaries of their minds
Yet feel themselves imprisoned
And long to escape
Into the freedom they have made
Of another’s prison
And this they call love

Wonderland (A Four By Six)


Alice’s tea party
Forever moving on
Infinity plus one
Defies mathematics

Happy Ending (A Sept)


Dear one
Dry those eyes
Ugly ducklings
Turn into

Poetry challenge #2: Swans

Maitre D’ (A Four By Six)


I spat into the soup
Unclear why this might be
Anger or derision?
While they partook of it

Irony And Ignorance


The ant and the elephant

Each mistress of her own kingdom
And victim (twice) of history

Each ignorant of the other
Yet both have the same ending

Strange the way things work out

Travelling (Reposted)


Here a trunk
full of souvenirs

There a wardrobe
full of costumes

A comfortable chair
to enjoy the present

A mirror
… for reflection

And an open door
with a WELCOME mat

for the future

“In the night the walls disappeared
In the day they returned”

This is room enough

for a journey




See Shiva shiver
From the cold? Or ecstasy?
Who feels it knows it


“Nataraja, is a depiction of the Hindu God Shiva as the cosmic dancer who performs his divine dance to destroy a weary universe and make preparations for the god Brahma to start the process of creation.”



Some emotions
Almost like thoughts
Enter the room

Some are in a rush
Some in no hurry, sit down
Put their feet up, relax

I look them up and down
Weigh them up, make judgements
Sometimes we converse

We exchange opinions
See if we agree or disagree
Sometimes we fight

I may throw them out
Or invite them to stay longer
They all leave in the end

After all just guests
Not like those other emotions
The insidious ones

Not here in full view
But disguised in the wallpaper
And forming the bricks


There was once a man who had a remarkable pair of spectacles, rather like Reactolite Rapides except that, like a mood ring, they changed their colour according to his feelings of the moment. When sad, all the world would appear in the colours of sadness; when fearful, in the colours of fear; when angry, in the colours of anger; when contented, in the colours of joy.

He could make no sense of these varied colourings which would not stay still. He had no success in trying to understand why the world kept changing in this way. He suspected that his spectacles might be the cause of the mystery, but every time he took them off to look at them they were, of course, completely clear.

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