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What A To-do


What a commotion
What a to-do! What a to-do!
We live while they die
They die while we live
What a commotion
What a to-do! What a to-do!

The past and the future
What a to-do! What a to-do!
List upon list upon list upon list
What a to-do! What a to-do!
Desires, revulsions
What a to-do! What a to-do!

What a to-do! What a to-do!
Needful extraditions
What a to-do! What a to-do!
To not do may allow
A release

A releasing
A relaxing
As tomorrow
Leaves space
Where time was

Back Again: Senryu


Alarm(ing) bell stabs
Shrieks 7.30 again
(Whatever that means)

Rainbow Bridge (Republished)

……………………………………………………………………..“All the world’s a stage”

The original Unset of the Show was One
But with no Set the Show could not be shown
So the Formless Form, to see who it might be
Formed an Idea called Reality
Dissolved its unity into two
The Projection Room and the Angel/Man you
The freedom of the sands of Time was formed into bricks
And this ordering of freedom was named Politics


Angels are mermen who swim in the See
But dwell for a season in the Sardine Factory
In the Sardine Factory they all become Preachers
And everyone has their uniform, even the art teachers
At the door of the Projection Room some aspect of your Mother
Dressed up as an usherette is bound to stop you, brother
To see that you’re not taking any matches through
And everyone is Man/Angel/Mother/Politician/Me/You


As the One/Not One became two, don’t forget
That three and four were needed to complete the Set
Nothing motivates like a puzzle unsolved
So three possible forms of Politics were evolved
The Politics of East/West, Experience and Ecstasy
And each Sardine was held by the four Chains of the See
The four major suits in the Game That Binds
Substance, Space, Power … and Time

(Rainbow Bridge is the game and the place where we play it
Though those who sense this transience may seldom dare to say it)


So the Sardine can be Man the Seer
And sit in the stalls with a can of beer
Or the Politician and Moral Defector
And sit in a Cabinet and run the Projector
He can be Mother and remain on the ground
Ushering all the others around
Or escape into Angelic Space and See
– If not he is inevitably all the other three


The Politics of East/West race the projector hour by hour
And try to hold the trumps of Time to make a bid in Power
The Politics of Experience hold the film at one small frame
Know Now and Here is Nowhere and it’s (really) all the same
The Politics of Ecstasy require you bring a match
And set light to the held frame – celluloid burns like thatch
Wave Politics goodbye, let the Freedom of Angels float
Smuggle in a match and don’t forget to register to vote …


With acknowledgements to R. D. Laing (“The Politics of Experience”),
Timothy Leary (“The Politics of Ecstasy”) and Robin Williamson (“U”),
himself owing something to L Ron Hubbard’s concept MEST (Matter, Energy, Space, Time). Oh, and of course William Shakespeare.

(P S: It was Build-Your-Own-Cosmology Day and I had a special voucher. 😀 )

Eternal Partners: Tanka


We chewed the upbeat
Now it’s time for the downbeat
Look! … Amn’t I still here
Celebrating it for you
As this too passes away?

Flight Of Fancy


I met you in the dappled Springtime
Radiant with blossom and birdsong
Ah yes – But time flies like the wind

We courted through dancing Summer
A passion that fair spanned the skies
Ah yes – But time flies like the wind

Ripening Autumn brought composure
And a deep resounding companionship
Ah yes – But time flies like the wind

And what shall I say of bleak Winter?
Chill reminder that all things must pass
Remember – Time flies like the wind

Remember – While hope springs eternal
Still our dreams will remain mañanas
And fruit flies … They like bananas

Circular Passage


In breath then out breath
Thus Summer begets Winter
Which reciprocates



You see everything
So differently just now
While in a moment …



So much, oh so much
Sits here on the shelf
Mainly gathering dust now

We gathered so much
For we were earning so much
Neither driving nor drinking

Let us buy music we thought
Not only does it move the heart
But is still around in the morning

Uninvited years now come and gone
Leave no one left to blame for that
Least of all all this clogging dust

Overview II


Time an illusion
A tapestry unrolling
Fresh? …Well … yes and no

Forever Forever Forever


What time is it?
What time is it again?
Is it time yet?

What time is it?
What time is it again?
Is it time yet?

What time is it?
What time is it again?
Is it time yet?

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