The Finding Of Heaven


Maybe we don’t need to find Heaven
It’s already here – Too busy to notice
Still nice to find you standing by me
Thank you – Likewise – Simply breathe

Planting a Garden

Pitching Pennies Poetry

by a blank page
staring dumbly at me.

Rigid, this entity
without a soul
until timidly, then boldly
I mark it with my pen.

Slowly It becomes more pliant,
It begins to bend. I show it things…

A bird on a limb,
A latticed rose climbing,
painting scarlet where drab had been.

Suddenly arable, the page becomes a garden. Each line
a row in bloom. The air wears the scent of roses.

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Pearly Gates: Shadorma


How strange t’is
For these billionaires
To still be
Craving more
May they awaken and find
Peace and compassion

Current Paradigm: Senryu


Fancy guesswork and
Unfounded affirmation
Reinforce blindness

Weekend Writing Prompt #156 – Home

Let us hope we can transform the non-digital world into such a place for ourselves and our children. We have the key. We are the key. We have only to begin removing the lock.

Sharing Thoughts

Weekend Writing Prompt #156 – Home

Hidden inside my computer

Is my sweet virtual home

Known pathways

Each one takes me to friends’ home

To their world of stories, poems, photography

I feel so comfortable here

I am accepted here

My writing is accepted here

However boring, full of mistakes it may be

My friends are so encouraging

So kind and understanding

They are full of praise, appreciation

They make you feel important

They help enhance your self-esteem

No one is here to judge you

To make fun of you

I feel as if I have known them all my life

It’s an escape from the Problems of life

Maybe for an hour or more

But it’s relieving

Word count- 114

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It Seems


Life is good
It seems
But not all the time

And so we try to pick and choose

Life is bad
It seems
But not all the time

And so we try to pick and choose

What life is
It seems
Is a mixture of the above

We may wish to pick and choose

But the choice
It seems
Is not always ours to make

Some wishes, some choices
It seems
Have been stolen from us

Time is the acknowledged thief
It seems
But no arrest is expected

In the foreseeable future


“We live in a predicament of feeling powerless, seeing the extent to which massive wealth can control and have power over people’s lives. As ‘inferior’ pawns, we constantly threaten this power by realising our own power.”

BUDDHA IN THE MUD by Tony Barrs. There are two truths: the real and the seemingly real. Their connection is the negative emotions. On the path of the seemingly real, the emotions imprison us. On the path of the real, the emotions liberate us. There is a secret life to the emotions.

We Live In A Predicament

First, we have to recognise our predicament, and then know what to do about it. We live in a world of suggestions and beliefs – a conventional reality, where vertical thinking is used as logic, based on what is generally done or believed.

This creeping predicament goes unnoticed. In chess, pieces are cancelled out while a pawn slowly advances to become a queen before the opponent does the same – unless we are playing an inferior opponent, when a mate is possible; an inferior opponent doesn’t see either the impending mate or the advancing pawn.

We live in a predicament of feeling powerless, seeing the extent to which massive wealth can control and have power over people’s lives. As ‘inferior’ pawns, we constantly threaten this power by realising our own power.

If we don’t notice the predicament we are in, our sovereignty – our supreme power of…

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Know-all: Senryu


“I don’t know,” she said.
Wisest thing she’d said all night
And quite a surprise.

Banishing Pandemonium


She ordered her various selves
To quieten down, line up and let
Each one take its turn at the mic
While the others listened politely

Desperate Monsters

DESPERATE MONSTERS – Caitlin Johnstone

Desperate Monsters

We were comfortable in our complacency.
We were satisfied with our Netflix and our Taco Bell.
We were not happy, but we were satisfied.

We did not want to have to awaken
the strange DMT gods that live in our foreheads,
or the screw snakes sleeping at the base of our spine,
or the mushroom giants who dwell behind our visual fields,
or the great golden frog at the center of the earth.

We did not wish to have to summon
the caterpillar planets from the depths of space,
or the elephant squid from our secret abysses,
or the mammoth moths from the tabernacle in our throat,
or the Yellow Priestess from Her dinosaur throne.

But desperate times,
you see,
desperate times call for desperate monsters.

So now we’ve got to get up,
dust the cheese puff powder from off our sweatpants,
grumble our way over to the police tape-covered door
and, after clearing the theremin and the surfboard
and the sewing machine out of the way
(none of which we use anymore but we keep meaning to),
unleash eldritch angels and eyeball blimps
to burn this motherfucker to the ground.

We’d have been content with decent paychecks
and a viable planet,
and maybe some healthcare for the Yanks,
but you bastards got greedy
and now your mouths are full of weirdling worms,
and I bet you all feel quite silly now.

You did not realize that we have tentacles in our bellies
and wands that shoot eel ogres,
and benthic beasts swimming in our souls.

You did not realize that we are more powerful than your wildest imaginings,
and that you have never truly understood what we’re made of.

Desperate times call for desperate monsters,
old chap.
There is a feathered claw behind you.

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

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