The Ice Cream Van


Harken! Hear’st thou not
The jolly old ice cream van?
An old childhood memory

Reentering the present …

Ice cream in the Winter?
Dream on, my dearest, for
Now who leaves the house?

Reentering the present …

I scream at this Winter
For none enter the house
No one any more save I

Mirror On The Wall


Never looked better
He told himself (Discounting
Declining eyesight)

Passed Over: Tanka


Dearest Margaret
Lives in a higher place now
Showers me with light
I am humbled by her gift
And, she says, not before time

How To Be True: Repost

Two years exactly has gone by. I came across this and it seems as relevant as ever.

Ben Naga

“To be benevolent to all beings is true goodness.
To dissolve all differences into unity is true greatness.
Not wishing to dominate others is true depth of spirit.”

…..– Chuang Tzu (c. 369 BC – c. 286 BC)

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Lest We Forget: Tanka


No evil people
Only very messed up ones
A part of ourselves
We often forget that though
And hold my hand up also

Deceptively Simple


Despite its sundry dalliances and appurtenances
This poem announces no more than its presence
And exists to check out whether you’re here now
Reading, accepting now as now sans distraction.

In the absence of dalliances and appurtenances
(Busily active yet unconscious; if not of course
In that case all and any bets are officially off.)
Let us assume you are here now and job done.

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

(As promised, Ken.)

A Tanka In Autumn


Pox on verbiage
All these dragooned syllables
Listen closely as
The sound of a falling leaf
Declares “nothing to declare”

Familiar (with image)


A true bond
Is never broken
Birth to death
Life to life
Rooted in one another
Branches of one tree

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

I came across this fine photograph on New Hampshire Garden Solutions‘ site and was moved to republish this shadorma accompanied (with his kind permission) by his photo. His site is one of my favourites, always full of both beauty and interest, and I highly recommend it.

Black And White


It’s you versus me
Though I’m not sure that’s the truth
Given that we’re one

Demonic Literalism

Self as metaphor. Miss this at your peril.

To be certain of oneself and one’s place in the world is the greatest of all calamities and it is all the greater for being entirely invisible to us. We carry a huge weight of certainty around with us and yet never think anything of it. We never think anything of it because we never notice it.

We consider it normal and correct for us to be certain of ourselves and the world – we are brought up that way, it’s in our culture. It’s in most cultures. Being certain of ourselves and our place in the world is actually seen as a good or healthy thing – it’s seen as being the same thing as ‘being confident’. It’s seen as ‘something to aim for’, something to strive for as best we can. And yet it is the greatest of all calamities – second to none.

Being certain of ourselves…

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