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Laughing Academy


Someone’s son, someone else’s father,
Lies stiff as a long shrugged off bough.
This one we told ourselves we knew
Absent without leave bar his form

Neither recognises us nor responds,
Whispering to some we cannot see.
Pregnant pauses, pockets of stillness.
Single letters from a long lost alphabet.

Undulating patterns, crumbling thoughts,
Cohesion surrendered to free-flowing bonds.
Begging the question, “Was that really me?”
Question your maps, lift each and every one,

Quivering behind all those cynical assertions
Fearful of fulfilling the potential of emptiness.

End Times: Republished


Hold fire! Mukti’s rickety rickshaw
Holds its breath a moment, pauses in suspense,
Gasps, gulps, shudders and shambles one day more
Bent upon what uncertain comeuppance?

What deadly quagmires lurk around us
As faulty torches, barely flickering,
Leave us stalking fears, while dreams caress us
Beneath steel towers, looming, uncaring?

Surreptitious glances scan each shadow,
Meet only with mirrors too fogged to read
And whereof, pray, this breath? Above? Below?
Which blurred each image, then blindness decreed?

After the abandon of summertime
Comes winter’s burning breathtaking horror.
Bully boys preparing fresh pits of lime.
Hear them sniggering in the corridor,

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

“On April 4, 1945, soldiers from the U.S. Third Army freed a camp in the town of Ohrdruf, in central Germany. Tech. Sgt. Eugene Luciano later wrote about the experience:

‘Many prisoners laid in their bunks too weak to move, but raised their arms in thanks. Bodies were piled high on the ground; others were in pits covered with lime. There were rows of ditches filled with buried bodies with an occasional leg or arm protruding [sticking up] out of the ground. The stench was intolerable.’ ”

– The Free Library by Farlex.

Of course that kind of thing couldn’t happen these days could it?

Quite The Reverse: Four By Six


‘Lockdown’ is destruction
Fat cat racketeers gloat
Builders of this madhouse
Should be locked UP instead!

The Mathematician


Although rough
Made it look
More precise calculations
Ended a bit off

Kept going
Drowning in ego
He wanted
To figure
This conundrum on his own
Madman that he was

Till it reached
It’s own tipping point
Bouncing off
Each other
Suddenly all became clear
Obvious really

Genocide: Senryu


Awakening is
A slow and cloudy process
Let’s hope we have time

Love In A Mist: Senryu


Once having been stung
Hallucinations begin
The insect’s long gone

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge

Dumb And Dumber


Don’t fiddle about
Tinkering with dire outcomes
Nail and fix the source

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

Harvard scientists funded by Bill Gates plan to begin spraying particles into the sky in an experiment to dim the sun. (

What the???



EYE is not crazy unless so believed,
EYE rests in the centre and sees,
In calm and quiet, quite quite quiet.
Acknowledging without judgement.
EYE is the quiet before the storm.
Swept away by the hurricane? No!
Simply covered in clouds of ripples.
Solution? Simple. So simple.
Return to the centre.
Release …..
Relax …..
Realise …..
EYE is not crazy, simply I disturbed.
Still and silent EYE is as sane as I.

Secondhand Living (Republished)


Your very own death watch beetles*
Mark seconds, minutes, hours
Then days, weeks, months and years
Their insistent ticking unheard by your ears
Fine tuned instead to mental scurrying
Myriad mind maps, multiplex memories
Journeys undertaken or imagined
Varicoloured projections outdoing
Any Hollywood lollapalooza†
With anadipsic* dreams gushing
While hearts intertwine to the tune
Of Bonaparte’s Retreat or are blown apart
To morph into gory gut wrenching disasters
And you follow your feet down the street
Oblivious to the momentous truth
That moment by moment
You are acting against green screen

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

* Death watch beetle –

† Lollapalooza – an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance. (Random House Kernerman Webster’s College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.)

* Anadipsic – An enchantment that requires a tremendous amount of personal arcane energy. (



All of us is so one-off
So individual, unique
Whilst yet sharing all
Essentials in common
A common abandon

Whenever we take
Time to remember
And see once more
How much madness
Is surrounding us

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