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We All Need A Feeling Of Success

BUDDHA IN THE MUD by Tony Barrs. There are two truths: the real and the seemingly real. Their connection is the negative emotions. On the path of the seemingly real, the emotions imprison us. On the path of the real, the emotions liberate us. There is a secret life to the emotions.

We All Need A Feeling Of Success

Life has become so diverse that we no longer have time to become an expert, or feel satisfied. We look at the world and it’s confused, and always seems to need an upgrade! We think that we have to start at the bottom and work our way up in order to be successful or to understand something. Not so; we can start at the top and know success in one instant.

In the Dzogchen tradition of spirituality, we are introduced to the ultimate truth, and life becomes fruitful and successful as we now know what it’s all about, and everything we do has a purpose. The ultimate truth isn’t something we have to work at because the ultimate truth is the reality of our very own nature.

Dzogchen is Tibetan for the direct realisation of ultimate reality of empty cognisance. This is not…

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Deceptively Simple


Despite its sundry dalliances and appurtenances
This poem announces no more than its presence
And exists to check out whether you’re here now
Reading, accepting now as now sans distraction.

In the absence of dalliances and appurtenances
(Busily active yet unconscious; if not of course
In that case all and any bets are officially off.)
Let us assume you are here now and job done.

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

(As promised, Ken.)

Poetry n Motion


This planet we stand on
Hurtling through space
With its wobbly spin …
We’re almost oblivious

Enough so to proclaim
That we can stand still

We surrender to motion
Car, bus, plane or boat
Forgetting after a while
That we’re moving at all

Until some sudden jerk
Serves as if to remind us

Perennial Winter Of Discontent


Awake in is-ness
Not contented with content
Sought the container

Spellmeister II


Lets go words
Lets go all images

In vivid silence
String quartets
Sprout pirouettes

Free of intent
Dances and teases
Patterns born of chaos

Intuition Tuition


Still the mind chatter
Pay attention and listen
Silence speaks volumes

Chase That Tail


One being
One moment
No escape
From or to

No need

Take Care (15a)


Let’s take care
Pitfalls surround us
Possess us
Yet no one
Is busy constructing them
But the I we are


Shadorma November

Plum Blossom (3b)

Plum Blossom


This blossom
Whence did it emerge?
From the tree?
Pen and ink?
The reader’s mind’s eye … or from
Unborn awareness?


Shadorma November



A light in the distance
Short term memory a torch
Against encroaching darkness

Came to (again)
Wake up time then I guess
And guess what?

And after that?
More stuff

Then next after that
You know what?
More stuff

Und so weiter
Und so weiter
Till sleep time

Then guess what?
Dreams n dreams
Sometimes even enjoyable

Still mainly forgotten
Immediately admittedly
Or else soon after

Then came to (again)
When to be honest
(With himself too)

Not writing for you
Or else some sparrow
But for some eagle

Hovering in mid air
Uninvolved, equivocal
Equivocally uninvolved

Ultimately unconcerned
Regarding your existence
Never mind his own

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