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Developing World: Shadorma


Be careful
Not all advance is
In a good
Although this may not be clear
Except in hindsight

Silicon Valet


First they will addict you
Then up and up the price
Believe me this is not
A train you want to ride

News Flash


A bitter taste
This current brew
Beneath which brews
Something quite other
Resembling a rumble
Of thunder in the distance
Borne on winds heading our way

How Do We Get Out Of This Mess?

“If you’re interested in or somewhat confused by the Yellow Vest Movement (YVM), do yourself and society a service by reading this article in its entirety.”

About the Yellow Vest Movement

Equally worthy of consideration, and equally unlikely to surface in the mainstream media is this:

The Fusion Doctrine

Dire Legacy


Clearly then no one is here now
‘cept for I to be here as if for you

As if in need of a handy whipping boy
(Work with me here, work with me)

To go tick all the proffered boxes
Catch a breath and run like hell

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

Happy 2019 everyone! 🙂

Last Call: Shadorma


Fingers crossed
Shoulders to the wheel
Work together
This whole world
Reversing destination
To save the planet

The Misdirection


There is what we knew
And there is what we were taught
They are not the same

There ‘E Goes (The One Note Samba) – (Republished)


There are eight notes in the octave
(One of them recycles its name)
But then there are always those
Who only recognise one note
Repetitive and relentless

Me Me Me Me Me


Frequently, my initial reaction to this type of person is one of revulsion. but then I sometimes pause for reflection and begin wondering what sort of pain, fear and insecurity this behaviour is concealing.

Dreams Not Real (Dreams Not real)



How wonderful this architecture
Down the centuries enduring
Inspiring, heartening, overawing
Expensive though these cathedrals
In more than market value terms
And still begging for more if you please
Cath as in cathedral not cathar – no thank you
Indoctrinating generation after generation

How wonderful this architecture
As Europe some kind of torchbearer
Enduring both they and we
Inspired, heartened, overawed
Its worshippers trailing in the dust
Each down our allotted years
Striding, limping, tottering
Let massacre surround us

How wonderful this architecture
How romanesque the sleight of hand
Preaching persecution and crusade
Tolling for privilege, for tithe, for death for heresy
Cleaving definitive paths, signposts
This Way Heaven; Purgatory; Hell
Servants or sinners, sheep or goats
How few left any monument, mark

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