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The Magical Act


Teaching is love
Which is to give
…..the space to breathe
To feed
…..asking nothing in return

Teach me
Love me
Teach me to love
…..and teach in my turn
Paying back to the spirit of man


The Big Choice


Time to realise
that fundamental question
your inner voice asks
will never be “Yes or no?”
But rather “Now or later?”

In His Cups


A sip of wine
A hint of melody …
Hallowed foundations
Shift ungoverned

Melt into lavaflows
Unleash unadmitted yearnings
Challenge this paltry masquerade
Yelled from minaret or pulpit

Hounded by fatwa and heresy
Across the centuries, this dented I
Which has, for all of that brouhaha
Such shallow roots

Must be why they ban
These dangerous demons
Intoxication, music,
Dancing, sex

While we for our part
Fight tooth and nail
To retain or else regain
These royal roads


Weather Or Know


Hard rains sweep by
Rinse soiled streets clean
Brief respite though
Hark, the next deluge
Of turbid effluence
Generously gifted
By the thoughtless

Slumbering in simplicity
No fearful encounters
In radiant solitude
Wherein to acknowledge
Realisation’s spiky burdens
And consoling gifts
Onward, onward, comrades

To oblivion
And no beyond
Hooves strike faster now
Valley of death looms
Engorging black hole
Rolling thunder clap
Hard rains sweep by

No encore



Come Autumn geese form
An arrow – A reminder
“Go inward, upward”
Come Spring (If they’ve not been shot)
They shall see how far we’ve come



Looks like it’s not sufficient to be clever
You can still end up in the lost-and-found
You can split the scene or stand your ground
It’s been that way since forever
No rock solid link to Spirit whatsoever
None of our conjectures are too sound
You hit multilingual traps, rebound
Somersault screaming, “Never!”

Yet how to survive in a dull world while sharp
And not end up in the lost-and-found still
Whether giving in or refusing to budge?

An open verdict, an absentee judge
Endlessly replaying “The World According To Garp”
You can read on the scoreboard the result: Nil Nil

The Real Armageddon: Learning how to be Alone!


The Real Armageddon: Learning how to be Alone!


Free Time


Time be essential
So them taught us in’m school
We’s done toke our time
Explored beyond black ‘n’ white
Time’s its own barrier



So here you me it is out there in here too
So yes yes the same but not the same too
So not so intent so less so more intent too
So here you me it is out there in here too

Cry Of Love


The matchless triumph of surrender …
Beside the queen’s pavilion
The shriven mendicant
Waits alone for execution

Staring into space out of the deep unknown
His will to immolation
Touches a sudden spring
That opens a secret door

Gateway to reminiscence
Dreams that come to nothing revisited
Ghosts shimmer in the walls
And say: Yes, I came this way

Dismantled all my posits
Reappropriated my a prioris …
The truth has no talons
In an ocean of aimless pursuits

Give me the strength of arms
That I may embrace the fear
Give then to me a great fortune
That I may embrace the small change

Give me the disciplines of art
That I may embrace the unruly
Give me your stockinged pillories
That I may embrace the sweet smile of God

Come here, dear sister, whose eyes
Beckon timidly but nonetheless
Back at me from the mirror
Lay down, my love, and be at ease

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