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Off The Map


Searching for true love?
Perhaps out there’s not the best
Place to go looking



Deep night finds blossoming in dawn, where light
And shadow crystallise into a dream
Fit to enchant the dormant mind that might
Forever seek in vain to find a seam.

And is it with the day the mind begins,
Or is it that the mind begets the day
For light to rid the onion of its skins
And tinker with the clockwork in the clay?

Things change, things change beneath Eternity,
And when analysis shall have an end
What will remain? Beside a gallows-tree,
A victory banner floating on the wind.

Only For You


Do not bewail your fate at crossroads
Nor shirk the choice of either/or
But singing both/and search for the lost notes
The key to pick is neither/nor

Let us pray for the seasick sailor
Stormswept, becalmed upon the sea
The hero’s bold venture doomed to failure
As Jonah also tried to flee

Uncertainty made him a dancer
Who once had been so far from shore
And no single key can be the answer
Just as no road can be a door

The crossroads never have a signpost
The ship that sinks will reach no quay
The road is dark – devils take the hindmost
And Know Where is it plain to see

I do not write to give directions
The distance or the trials in store
These are the milestones of my acceptance
And they pretend to be no more

Dervishes: Senryu


The surroundings blur
As we spin round and round then
Go inside instead

Itchy You … Bless You


Nothing feels quite right
The spiritual path beckons
You pay at the door

Down the road apace
Looking into this and that
One rebecomes all

False Premise: Shadorma


Each their own mountain
Up and up
Leave behind
All those souls down far below
And each other too

The Legend Of The Moon’s Reflection (Republished)


Deep in the Northern mountains’ silence
Once long ago
Far from the lands of men there lived a Prince
Cold as snow
All day long he would wander
Like a man possessed
As he went he would ponder
His life’s helplessness

Why it was that what he loved the most grew old and died
Why he found no place of rest however hard he tried
And he threw himself upon the mountainside
And knew himself to be alone and bitterly began to cry

And in his misery he saw
As if in a dream
That where his tears fell to the ground
There sprang forth a stream
And the stream fed a river
That flowed glad and free
From the hills to the lowlands
And so reached the sea

River and seawater
Flowing down together
Though the river ends
The sea lives on forever

And by means of this vision
The Prince was set free
And in his dying moments
At last he could see

Why it is that what we love the most must disappear
Where that place of rest is that is always free from fear
And he flowed into the river with his tears
And knew himself to be the sea without a knower or a seer

And if you gaze far out to sea at night
So they say
Sometimes you’ ll see his face shine in the moon
Far away
And the river still flows
From the hills to the plain
And the sea feeds the river
With drops from the rain

River and seawater
Flowing down together
Though the river ends
The sea lives on forever …

Frozen Fire (Republished)


Nursing scorched wings, you angel in disguise,
wondering gypsy with question mark eyes,
wandering homesick – no answers, no rest,
and for companions your demons at best.

What a rich,
yin yang,
being you can be being!

And being …

And being …

Projects smoke screens of promises and lies,
defends to the death, then later denies.
Flexible conscience, ethical mare’s nest.
Defensive? Fastest gun in the west!

And in the centre a wise,
that sees it all
and breathes in
and breathes out,
without attachment
to the passing show.

And with detachment the fool becomes wise,
finds what never was lost. What a surprise!
Hidden in full view. Who’d ever have guessed?
Welcome, my angel, be welcome, be my guest.

Who was,
who will be,
and will only

ever …

simply …


Own Goal


Somewhere out there I swear
Or else on reflection
Somewhere inside exists
That I am in search for



Veiled by cloud the sun
Still supplies sufficient light
To kindle the search

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