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Doctors Speak Out On Misinformation Surronding The Virus

YouTube once again reveals its dark and stinking underbelly. Fortunately there are still places on the planet where truth and free speech are allowed and even valued.

See what TPTB are afraid of you seeing:


Doctors Speak Out On Misinformation Surronding The Virus


More On The Conpanic

More shocking news!!!

In Thailand, population, 69,799,978 ( the latest figures on the fatalities:

“Bangkok: Thailand reported 6 new coronavirus cases and no new deaths on Friday, May 01 taking its tally to 2,960 infections while fatalities remained at 54 since the outbreak began in January.” (

54!!! Wow!!! Now let’s see … 54 over 69,799,978 … A staggering 0.000077364%!!!

Keep panicking folks.

p.s. Don’t wait for these figures to be featured in your local “news”.

Keeping In Touch


“HI! Love you. Kiss kiss.
Must dash.” And scrolls down to the
Next ten second bite.



I’ve always loved sheep
But people who act like them
Perhaps not so much

Oh Media Mania’s Puny Hum


Illusion within
Illusion masquerading
As reality
I interrupt this broadcast
With breaking news of silence

Wanted To Share This

“Facebook has been complying with law enforcement to censor activists and human rights documentation, including videos of police violence.

Facebook’s videos and platform are powerful tools to document human rights abuses. And we’ll need them more than ever under the new presidential administration.

Sign now to tell Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Don’t censor human rights documentation, especially content that depicts police brutality.

Activists have reported various incidents of Facebook’s censorship or compliance with police, including: censoring accounts of activists covering the civilian uprisings in Charlotte, NC; the removal of live footage of water protectors against the Dakota Access Pipeline; and reports that Facebook sent data to help police track and surveil protesters in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD.

This sets a dangerous precedent. Trump’s administration will no doubt increase law enforcement’s requests of Facebook. Facebook needs to stand firm now and be accountable to the public, including by clarifying its policies on removing content at the request of government actors. Facebook cannot be an arm of the police.

Sign the petition to tell Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Before Trump comes into office, address public concerns about Facebook complying with law enforcement to censor human rights documentation.

Facebook has come under fire lately for NOT censoring fake political news, which may have contributed to the awful results of the presidential election. However, real news, powerful news that depicts human rights abuses, is being broken and then shared on Facebook. The least Facebook can do is stop complying with law enforcement to censor such content.

Already, with Trump coming into office, movements against entrenched power are at risk of being silenced. Trump and his administration will not respect the First Amendment. Facebook must not assist them in violating freedoms of expression.

Now more than ever, we need all the tools we can to protect marginalized voices, particularly voices of people of color.

Sign the petition to tell Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Do not censor human rights documentation. Do not act as an arm of the police, especially under the new administration.”

Keep fighting,
Mara Schechter, Daily Kos

Daily Kos, PO Box 70036, Oakland, CA, 94612.

Come In, Control


Rather ironic
Using Google to research
The New World Order



Trackers and cookies
Let’s monitor them until
Google self-destructs

I assume you’re listening
Hear this: “Get off my planet!”

That Old Time Religion


Some tribes’ cobwebby myths
Commandeered and tossed in
With reworked patriotic tales
Deep-fried into a new religion


Cast in stone aids elites control
These all too scary unruly masses
Alongside the brute force of arms
Cruel slavery, theft and massacre


So long divorced from true Love
And fearful of their fear of fear
Yet they used fear and use it yet
To bolster a baleful status quo



Growing an E-face a luxury
Unavailable pre digital age

Under some nom de plume
One may cavort, announce
In the everyday one-to-one
That kept mum face-to-face

Face-to-face … ah but then

Supposing one meets one
Drifting, similarly cloaked

Ships that pass in the night

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