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Home At Last


Distracted actors
Mumbling along lost
Until we give up


Enough Already


Some years ago
I was in London
and came across the graffito
“Every car is one too many”

Thirty years on
it resides comfortably
welcome and well respected
among my accessible
and regularly visited memories.

Homage yet to that bright spark who coined it

I go out

Ebbxactly! 🙂


I go out, and come back –
to the low voices of everyday
concrete saying stay,
voices that are each time fainter

I go out, and come back –
in sun, in mist, in rain –
and each time the tether
is less, and closer to temporary

each time the river’s shout
grows louder and I am more
cedar and stone, more
singing creek and warbler

I go out, and I am more
simply by being less

© Sarah Whiteley

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Advice On Thieving

“If some poor devil steals a belt buckle, he is decapitated. If a powerful politician takes possession of a whole country, the professional moralisers flock to him to put their “wisdom” at his disposal. The logical conclusion is that, rather than wasting one’s time with small thefts, one should steal a whole country. Then one will not have to go to the trouble of further thefts or have to fear the executioner’s axe.” – Chuang Tzu.

(Taken from “Taoist Wisdom: Daily Teachings From The Taoist Sages” – Timothr Freke.)

The Rich Forbid …

“The rich forbid theft and murder, and threaten offenders with the death penalty. Yet these same people encourage theft and murder by honouring wealth and status, which are the allurements of crime. As long as distinctions in ownership remain, can there ever be an end to conflict between people? Once rulers were grateful to their subjects during times of order, and during chaotic times looked for the fault in their own conduct. These days it’s the complete opposite. The people are driven to lose their natural honesty and commit crime. But who should take responsibility? The unfortunates who are punished, or the rich and powerful who provoke the crimes in the first place?” – Bo Ju

(Taken from “Taoist Wisdom: Daily Teachings From The Taoist Sages” – Timothr Freke.)

Quicksand II


An explanation
Is only a theory
But with pretensions



He plays the queen of hearts
She moves her castle – Check
Though she has a queen too
They play two different games

Oblique Strategies


To improve the world
You try to change the others
There’s another way

Stray Petal


I spy
With my
Little eye
…..Little I
…..Little I
Stray petal

Drifting by
Borne on a brook
…..Feeding a river
…..Feeding an ocean
Relentlessly surrendering

As might some hardback
Missing its jacket
Yet its content
Awaiting rediscovery
And rebirth

Reverse Engineering


Think in paradox
As the Tao Te Ching would say
Do less … Achieve more

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