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Ah … My thoughts … Ah …




storm grey, the hills crackle.
intense, the colour of the day,
but still the trees catch flecks
of sudden golden light.
and a hum from the distant town.

Wang Wei sits motionless;
Li Po walks through his own eyes
into the landscape;
Basho hunts for a word
that carries silence;
Chuang Tzu remembers, laughs,
forgets again, laughs;
Buddha puts on a kettle for tea.

the day is the same as any other day-
a jewelled and a fragrant passing.
but few will notice even that.

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Guilt And Shame


No one is judging
You imagined the whole think
And you are the judge

Last Call: Shadorma


Fingers crossed
Shoulders to the wheel
Work together
This whole world
Reversing destination
To save the planet

Broken Lines: Shadorma


Here where the
Various varied
Versions of
Me hang out
Swung by to check whether these
Worn tear ducts still work

Polling Day


You always did your best
From your own point of view
And who am I to judge
Beyond my point of view?

Ongoing Creation


Inhabit your life until it creaks, cracks open
Loudly ringing for a change – for transition

Hopefully, dutifully – inspirationally calling
Out to each and every reader passing by

In time words appear … “Beautiful poem.”
You reply: “Thanks for your kind words.”

One Drifting Dream


Were not each drifting dream
Some hallucination or other or
For that matter – our today?

For do we not swim by we
So caught in our ocean of
Counterfeit conjectures?

Let us all then imagine
All of one another as if
As if imagined by us all

As they all imagine us
As if As if As if As if
As if As if As if

As if As if
As if

None more poetic…

Sunshiny SA Site

None more poetic…

There is none more poetic than her
A southern star,
She eclipses even the northern lights.

Of honeyed laughter and soft smiles
This dusky beauty beguiles.
Bewitching charcoal eyes.
She is a living prize.

My heart doth meet
Dainty feet.
Crimson toe tips
Swaying hips.

Silken swept raven tresses
Boldly clad sari emerald dress
Mesmerizing, concealing,  revealing.
Ah, her dancing choli knots
On that sculpted shape renders me fraught.

Her lips, oh her luscious lips
She excites,  delights and ignites.

No Jezebel or Delilah is she
Naïve and virtuous, she is.
No Helen of Troy, is she
My Joy, she is.

She is the harp that eases me soft.
She is the drums that hastens my heart to thump,
The symphony that awakens my poetic soul.
She fills my heart and renders me whole.

An inspiration by Anup Gomay’s painting (main image) “Tying the Knot”.

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Lust In Disguise


Please never hold
In either hand or eye
Anything denoted as “Needed”
Without thereunto addending
An essential: “in order to …”

Wisdom advises
A close examination
Of the addendum and then
Leaves the rest up to us

For without licence
What is freedom

Of course
If the connection
With Source is broken
All hell may break loose
And all so too often does

The Ice Cream Van


Harken! Hear’st thou not
The jolly old ice cream van?
An old childhood memory

Reentering the present …

Ice cream in the Winter?
Dream on, my dearest, for
Now who leaves the house?

Reentering the present …

I scream at this Winter
For none enter the house
No one any more save I

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