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Naturally: Four By Six


I see plants before me
As they stand before me
Sustained by the same air
Breathing our shared essence




A light in the distance
Short term memory a torch
Against encroaching darkness

Came to (again)
Wake up time then I guess
And guess what?

And after that?
More stuff

Then next after that
You know what?
More stuff

Und so weiter
Und so weiter
Till sleep time

Then guess what?
Dreams n dreams
Sometimes even enjoyable

Still mainly forgotten
Immediately admittedly
Or else soon after

Then came to (again)
When to be honest
(With himself too)

Not writing for you
Or else some sparrow
But for some eagle

Hovering in mid air
Uninvolved, equivocal
Equivocally uninvolved

Ultimately unconcerned
Regarding your existence
Never mind his own


 1805. Perennial


Keeps her secrets
Within her silence

I too, passing her
Day after day

A gladsome addition
To my daily constitutional

Grateful to the wind
That blew her seed here

A gradual paling
Day after day

Petals crinkle, fall
Her secrets die with her

I shall mourn her absence
Patiently await next Summer

Past Time

The best tribute I can pay to this piece, Betty, is to repost it so that others can stumble upon it – and you. The best poems are timeless.



She whittles

on a block

of solitude

until it’s gone

and pieces lie

about her feet

and slivers

bleed her hands


out another poem

that only he

will understand.



(c) 1995, 2017 Betty Hayes Albright


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And A Good Time Was Had By All



Way beyond friendship
Kisses inflate balloons which
Burst setting us free

This Gem

This gem is dedicated to my U.S. “followers”. (What an unfortunate term that is.) My thoughts are frequently with you in your plight.

At times I think satire is all that’s left. Other times I see it differently.

And there’s always poetry.

The Verdict


She returned from the doctor’s surgery.
There was a silence. Then another. Then.
“He says it’s terminal,” she said.
“Life is terminal,” he replied quietly.

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

“Would you like the escape the horrible reality of thinking your own thoughts? Me too. Learning to have your mind controlled is your key to escaping the hell of thinking for yourself.”

Kali Yuga Time, Folks


They soiled their linen
Over several lifetimes
Again and again
Then woke up, soaked, washed and rinsed
Now here comes the spin cycle

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