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The New Normal Initiation Jive: Tirtinska


From the blast off let’s be frank. Truth? One on one, get me.
Mouths taped, wrists and ankles constrained, thought an addendum.
Mesmerizing rhythm its own brazen momentum.
Sparse scripts hammered out on an ancient Olivetti.

Coded hints tease and beckon, esoteric symbols.
Old wives’ tales whispered of “unfolding, unravelling …
attaining the third degree … levels within levels”
An underlying imagery of travelling.
Arrivers: holy vessels or incarnate devils?

Sparse scripts hammered out on an ancient Olivetti.
Mesmerizing rhythm its own brazen momentum.
Mouths taped, wrists and ankles constrained, thought an addendum.
From the blast off let’s be frank. Truth? One on one, get me.



Not until they wake
Does the sleeper realise
They have been asleep

Let’s Not Mince Words: Double shadorma


Those there are
Who voice their concern
That global
In their view has lost its way
But I disagree

Lost its way?
Overly polite
Was in fact
Lured up a dark alleyway
And brutally raped

Doctors Speak Out On Misinformation Surronding The Virus

YouTube once again reveals its dark and stinking underbelly. Fortunately there are still places on the planet where truth and free speech are allowed and even valued.

See what TPTB are afraid of you seeing:


Doctors Speak Out On Misinformation Surronding The Virus


The Ecology Student


Always eats alone
And keeps her own company

Her head in a book
Even in the dining hall

Their whispered nickname
“The Academia Nut”

Oh yes, she’s heard it
But you don’t let on of course

Dignified silence
A study in deepest blue

Mindless cruelty
She fingers her hidden scars

Stained with history
Like the poor planet itself

Joyful Herald: Shadorma


Loves to dance
Not as a display
Craving for
Or the adrenalin rush
No, simply express

You Are Being Lied to! Here Is How … The PCR Test

Video: Covid-19 You are being lied to! here is how… the PCR test.

LOCKDOWN LUNACY: the thinking person’s guide

I should feel myself both uncaring and grossly negligent if I did not republish this. There is a link to the original complete post. Switch off the TV/radio for a while and read this instead. 🙂

“New blog post: LOCKDOWN LUNACY 2.0: Second wave? Not even close.

By J.B. Handley

For anyone willing to look, there are so many facts that tell the true story, and it goes something like this:

Knowing what we know today about COVID-19’s Infection Fatality Rate, asymmetric impact by age and medical condition, non-transmissibility by asymptomatic people and in outdoor settings, near-zero fatality rate for children, and the basic understanding of viruses through Farr’s law, locking down society was a bone-headed policy decision so devastating to society that historians may judge it as the all-time worst decision ever made. Worse, as these clear facts have become available, many policy-makers haven’t shifted their positions, despite the fact that every hour under any stage of lockdown has a domino-effect of devastation to society. Meanwhile, the media—with a few notable exceptions—is oddly silent on all the good news. Luckily, an unexpected group of heroes across the political landscape—many of them doctors and scientists—have emerged to tell the truth, despite facing extreme criticism and censorship from an angry mob desperate to continue fighting an imaginary war.

My goal is to engage in known facts. You, the reader, can decide if all of these facts, when you put them together, equate to the story above.

… ”



A mask is just a mask.
A kiss is just a kiss.
(A lie is just a lie.)

BUDDHA IN THE MUD is a blog - a living book based on the Dzogchen teachings. Our teacher is life, and life is karma. In this way, Dzogchen is practical - no bells and whistles required.


Institutionalised: apathetic and dependent
The formula of futile diligence; fear and false security.

Through ignorance, people follow other people; we cling and stick together. By being
institutionalised, we stop thinking for ourself and learn the formula. 

We want to be where ‘it’s’ at, not realising we’re already where ‘it’s’ at. 

We adopt behavioural patterns to surviving in the group. That is, however, the key that locks us into this institutionalised relative reality.

Relative reality is created by consciousness relating and reacting to reflections on the wall of consciousness. This entrapment has become our second nature; we bind ourselves to collective thinking. It doesn’t matter which side we take, we are still involved with the reflections on the wall and so, we become a type instead of theprototype; the original. Our first nature.

When realised, our ultimate reality of pure awareness / pure consciousness is free and belongs…

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We shall have nothing
Until we learn to share it
With our sleeping selves

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