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Brief Encounter


Brief Encounter

I peeped into the past this afternoon,

left the sun’s bright smile for the grey drizzle

of a Winter, gabardine garbed and smoke

soaked. I stood on the station ramp under

the yellow light and watched the misery.

from here, the dreary scene of passive shame

takes a smaller place in the drama now –

the respectable doctor has become

a predator, a manipulative

abuser of power and dreams. The housewife

is angry and trapped, the husband stupid

and complacent. The story is deceit;

a halo is held around the struggle

for virtue, that in the clear crystal light

of our sophistication earns a wry

patronising smile. Now we hug dark lies

that are nurtured in the human struggle

and hover between scorn and sentiment.

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Divide And Conquer


Spring demonstrations
Like the wind in the willows
Rattle state troopers


Cock an ear please do.

Kone, Krusos, Kronos

Inventing The World

The World it´s not as it is, but as we see it, so it is, at least to us.


We live in a World made of images, information, and narratives, collective, and personal, and that we call it Knowledge, or Ignorance for the lack of it, or I would add for the poor quality we choose to feed our minds, and souls with.

We mostly generally, are  easy to be  program by information, that now day has become not a source for Truth, but for convenience, to people who want to control what you should think about particular issues, be this about the drink you prefer to buy, to the way you should interpret the news you watch, or hear.

It’s common for people to judge you in a poor light, or be wary of your political opinions, just by your favorite source of media. Most never questioning their…

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Good Friday, 2019



( … 18 … 17 … 16 … )

Hardly a cloud in the sky
No need for this jacket
I discover too late

A tiny discomfort
In the scheme of things
Dwarfed by Spring’s bounty
Overall not a bad day after all

A good day for a crucifixion
Despite all the discomfort
Faith, hope and patience
All’s well that ends well

After all

After all

Only those who attempt the absurd…..

Love the image
Wondrous in itself
Its wonder redoubled
In its perfection
As accompaniment


“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.”

~ M. C. Escher

Photo credit: Balanced stone sculpture by Kubota Takeharu
Text & image source: Jain 108 Mathemagics

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The Weekly Atiśa


Monday: Dream with lucidity, without interference.
Tuesday: Ruffle any surfaces minimally, if not at all.
Wednesday: Scatter your gratitude wherever you go.
Thursday: Leave off criticism; you are the victim too.
Friday: Let go of any wish, any idea of any letting go.
Saturday: Joyfulness is both the source and outcome.
Sunday: Who is it seeking, acknowledging approval?

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

“Consider all phenomena to be dreams.
Don’t be swayed by outer circumstances.
Be grateful to everyone.
Don’t brood over the faults of others.
Explore the nature of unborn awareness.
At all times simply rely on a joyful mind.
Don’t expect a standing ovation.”

– Atiśa, 980 – 1054: “Seven Points for Training the Mind and Heart”


Developing World: Shadorma


Be careful
Not all advance is
In a good
Although this may not be clear
Except in hindsight



Simply slowing down
Is far more important
Than we are generally
Encouraged to notice

Once having done so
Is it not then our duty
To try to pass it on?

Wicked Messenger*




I’ve sent a link to so many folk I decided that if I find it *that* helpful I should really repost it too. so … 🙂

BUDDHA IN THE MUD by Tony Barrs. There are two truths: the real and the seemingly real. Their connection is the negative emotions. On the path of the seemingly real, the emotions imprison us. On the path of the real, the emotions liberate us. There is a secret life to the emotions.

Happiness Is Realising The Problem

We are never unhappy for no reason.
Everything has a cause.

We may be unhappy because we wanted something and didn’t get it.
We may be unhappy because we didn’t want something but got it.
We may be unhappy because we never realised
that we’ve been happy all along.

The problem is all in the mind and, as such,
it never truly existed.

Whatever life presents is our path.
Karma is an excellent teacher.

Whatever occurs,
know that pure awareness is always present.
That is truly wonderful, because it is all we need to know.

When we realise this,
we will be happy with whatever arises.
In this way, we undo the karmic effect.
Everything simplifies.

We are pure awareness.
If this isn’t good enough,
then we will remain unhappy.

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