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Pusillanimity? … Or Wisdom?


I don’t hoard any furtive hopes
Beneath my cosy feather pillow
Nor dreams, nor wistful wishes
For fear they will make it lumpy
And give me a pain in the neck

Discipline: Senryu


A waking daydream.
Yesteryear is here again.
No! Time to move on.

Let’s Do Lunch: Shadorma


Rewriting the scene
While others
Around them
Are busily lost in their own

Absurdism: Shadorma


We have dreams
And so we dream life
Where we dream
Of a life
In which we draw a fine line
And then erase it

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

* “In philosophy, “the Absurd” refers to the conflict between the human tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life and the human inability to find any in a purposeless, meaningless or chaotic and irrational universe. The universe and the human mind do not each separately cause the Absurd, but rather, the Absurd arises by the contradictory nature of the two existing simultaneously.

As a philosophy, absurdism furthermore explores the fundamental nature of the Absurd and how individuals, once becoming conscious of the Absurd, should respond to it. The absurdist philosopher Albert Camus stated that individuals should embrace the absurd condition of human existence while also defiantly continuing to explore and search for meaning.”

Bareboned: Shadorma


He showed her
How to dream rainbows
First he came
Then he went
Not even a fare thee well
Just a one night stand

Cheep Talk


Talk is cheap
Talk is common
Chitchatting away
Of this and that
Speaks of sunsets
Of suns going down
When it’s backs turning
Obeying a planetary spin
I’ll use plurals here
As each of us
Has a sun

We madmen
Madwomen we
In our hidden hearts
Live in our own dreamtimes
Encircling our own central axis
Round which this outer earth and sun
(With a moon as a loony sidekick)
From birth to death revolve

In truth the sun never sets
Nor does the earth
For that matter
Simply spins
And spins

Metamorphic metaphor
Cloaking the untaught truth
It doesn’t matter if you don’t mind
Take a break for a moment and pause
At the crux – the axis – of all of this and that
Here-I-am & now-is-now & I-am-I & this-is-it
Now where is our next breath coming from?
How do we know that? Actually we don’t
We are an incomprehensible miracle
Given the grace of time to seek
While stars and planets spin

Owning Up


Each of these poems
Is intended to be best
Read aloud … For why?
For I love the sounds

So build each piece
With sound in mind
As well as meaning
Plus any reference

For I love word play
Adore ambivalence
And multiple levels
Of tacit meaning

The writer invites
The reader invents
Becomes co-creator
In passing the time

Lack Of Follow-up


Left antsy, pecking away at it
Is he then at root all of this?
So wonders on unrelenting

Whilestime likewise
Is any of this hers?
She wanders on

Moot points hover unresolving
Whilestime, unacknowledged
Untelling cosmic clocks tick

Till ultimately at last at rest
Declaring that midnight’s where
All’s in place and all’s well

And he’s for whom the bells toll
Aldi’s done, all is done, all is Donne
And time it is to release

Real Dreams


We call it this
We call it that
Until we are done
With names

Doppelgänger II


Sun on calm water
Not, as seems, a second sun
Merely a mirage

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