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And A Good Time Was Had By All




Way beyond friendship
Kisses inflate balloons which
Burst setting us free

The Verdict


She returned from the doctor’s surgery.
There was a silence. Then another. Then.
“He says it’s terminal,” she said.
“Life is terminal,” he replied quietly.

Keeping In Touch


“HI! Love you. Kiss kiss.
Must dash.” And scrolls down to the
Next ten second bite.

Old Lovers (A Four By Six)


That curious rhythm
Stitched us to its branchings
Caught up in its weaving
Gladly surrendering

A Simple Acrostic



Hugely appreciated and
Universally valued when
Genuinely expressed and
Shared slowly between two

Gold coins, silver, diamonds
Over-esteemed, so say I

Arid … Meantime all these souls
Neglected, disregarded, crossing
Deserts alone, dying of drought

Deep dark dank oubliettes, shackled to walls
Old fears and hungers binding us fast

Likely seems it’s we hamstring ourselves
Imitating care with taut taught gestures
Kisses on proffered mouths or cheeks
Evasive tactics, light flirtations, small talk
Worrywarts avoiding any need of need
I ended up imprisoned as did you
Solitary observers, unknown, disunderstood
Everywhere so let us welcome them then

Hugely appreciated and
Universally valued when
Genuinely expressed and
Shared slowly between two

The Hard Way


Tried loving others
But before you knew yourself
No more than a sham

Goin’ Home


You have your keyboard with you
plus I see you brought your keys along too.
As for me: I have as you see brought my horn along.

No bass required to intervene, as agreed. Too basing.
No superfluous traps either. A binding promise.
Let’s go play the blues then. Melt into one another’s I’s

Country sounds good (when using ears rather than eyes)
while delta seems inviting also. Finger style?
I’m more than willing if that’s your choice.

Twelve bar, sixteen bar, thirty-two bar if you like.
Muddy water. Let’s dive in and search for a pearl.
Fare thee well. Forever. See you on that other shore.


It’s Never Too Late


We’ve both made mistakes
Let’s let bygones be bygones
And make some fresh ones

Madly In Love (Repost)


Her life redrawn as a comic strip … sans comedy.
No longer that dynamic duo. Batteries flat.
Bats in the belfry, robbin’ bewildered senses blind.
And … adrift might best describe it. Hooked, blind and snookered.

…..(He is the one?)

Even lying beside her, not truly here, he lies
oceans away, behind cold fronts, lines of icy bars,
biting winds, squalls of temper, hurricanes of contempt.
Comforts herself with poetry and sweet memories

…..(He is the one!)

that turn to nightmares where he’s drowning, calling her name.
Then she is there, reviving him (mouth to mouth, of course).
Waking to find him gone she recaulks her leaky fancies,
sets her sails for yet another day tacking upwind.

…..(He is the one!)

Eschewing havens, but never her hope, she soldiers on,
soiled sails reduced to tatters, she rows from pole to pole,
trawls the seven seas. Her treasure? Nowhere to be seen.
He has unfurled his true colours: the skull and crossbones.

…..(He is the gone.)

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