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Cry Of Love


The matchless triumph of surrender …
Beside the queen’s pavilion
The shriven mendicant
Waits alone for execution

Staring into space out of the deep unknown
His will to immolation
Touches a sudden spring
That opens a secret door

Gateway to reminiscence
Dreams that come to nothing revisited
Ghosts shimmer in the walls
And say: Yes, I came this way

Dismantled all my posits
Reappropriated my a prioris …
The truth has no talons
In an ocean of aimless pursuits

Give me the strength of arms
That I may embrace the fear
Give then to me a great fortune
That I may embrace the small change

Give me the disciplines of art
That I may embrace the unruly
Give me your stockinged pillories
That I may embrace the sweet smile of God

Come here, dear sister, whose eyes
Beckon timidly but nonetheless
Back at me from the mirror
Lay down, my love, and be at ease

Prelude (Reposted)


If love to living lends the flavour
You would be tasteless not to share
This cup where two as one may savour
The mystery beyond compare

The seasoned year time’s greed devours
As sweet with bitter intertwines
But love works sorcery with the hours
Like the fermenting of rare wines

Yet love’s no splendour quite so splendid
Nor seems to promise quite so much
As when its flavour hangs suspended
Between a suspicion and a touch



I know now why it is
I was born with two hands
The first is to beckon you
The other to push you away

A Better Future


Let us dream a better future into life
That life that lies inert unenvisioned
Let us breathe it into manifestation
In words and thus in time into flesh



You should … er … Do this
You should … er … Not do that
Thus you should-er the burden
Responsibilities … A heavy weight

Contact Aborted


Mixed metaphors
Mixed messages
Two parallel worlds
Spin out of control



With a naive foolishness I missteered my age
As brick by brick I built around myself a prison
Finding myself in chains I screamed my rage
Today a calmer balance brings me wisdom


For Kim, with love.

Again And Again


Each moment is a learning
If we are able to take heed
Thus we spark one another
Into some new fresh blazing



Permanence and impermanence dance a jig
All the fun of the fair in a pig in a fancy poke
Participant spectators, laughing hysterically
Act impressed while secretly not quite so sure

Blink Blink


Behind eyes of Who-knows?
Here sits One Eye unblinking
Unmarked, unseen, unheard
Watches out wondering why

Teeth within teeth spit time
Tame original now renegade
Time without age undreams
Emits sleek words like swords

Emits sleek words like swords
Time without age undreams
Tame original now renegade
Teeth within teeth spit time

Watches out wondering why
Unmarked, unseen, unheard
Here sits One Eye unblinking
Behind eyes of Who-knows?