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Happy Families


The silence spoke volumes
Passive aggression
She didn’t know the term
But then she had no need

She had no real desire
To continue living
And so was quite grateful
For his contribution

He had no real desire
To continue living
And so was quite grateful
For her contribution

Passive aggression
The silence spoke volumes
He didn’t know the term
But then he had no need

Up Next


Back in centre just for a moment
In that moment when you learn
A parent has passed away, died
“How was that?” I ask … Reply

Policeman at the door no need to say
Knowing the content of his message
Dad’s death unexpected as it was
Had come and gone just like that

Glad to have seen her one last time
To have sanctioned her last request
To stop eating and be left in peace
Her right to dignity – Bugger the Law

Should I have felt more? Whatever
I felt what I felt … Not that much
“For better, for worse” their words
I not here to fill up empty dreams

I guess I’m up next then whenever
In the meantime these days slip by
Neither wholly sweet nor bitter
Simply days preceding more days

Words Of Love


Don’t do that!
Do as you’re told!
Don’t talk back to me!

And you can wipe that look off your face
I had great hopes for you
The nurses must have dropped you on your head

You shouldn’t feel that way
You should have known better
Well I hope you’re feeling ashamed of yourself now

I can’t believe you did that
What were you thinking of?
It serves you right

Why don’t you ever listen?
Don’t you ever think about anyone else?”
You’re not the centre of the universe

Except of course …

The Family Piano


There’s an old piano
You don’t try to play now
Too far out of tune
Painful to the ear

Some of the keys
Have got chipped
Some, if struck, produce
No more than a soft clunk
Of wood against faded felt
Its note missing completely
No go-between connection
Between finger and string

You cannot use it
You cannot give it away
It is too broken
Beyond repair
You are too ashamed
To even let others see it
You hide it away in a back room
One where no one ever goes
Not even to dust any more



We learn
To live
With huge
Dollops of ignorance
Mother and father
Mimic dragons
Protecting their odious hoard
Whiffering down the line

The Get-together


Meet your family.
Here is your brother Andyet;
Your sister Maybe.
Your cousin Alltheanswers’s
Not here yet. Her plane’s delayed.

Family Get-together


On parade
Best bib and tucker
Here we are
We strangers
With the same familiar name
Little beyond that



She had tattoos, she said
I’d have to pay to see
But then I’m miserly
Rather squeamish besides

Evening On The Porch (3a)


Fine balance
Revelry subdued
Decked in leaves
I your Spring, you my Autumn
Soundless harmony


Shadorma November

Books Rule (A Four By Six)


Recalling a childhood
Seeking companionship
Family or authors?
Sad to say no contest

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