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Just Imagine


To imagine to live
Is not a trick on its own
Death is its sequel

The Legend Of The Moon’s Reflection (Republished)


Deep in the Northern mountains’ silence
Once long ago
Far from the lands of men there lived a Prince
Cold as snow
All day long he would wander
Like a man possessed
As he went he would ponder
His life’s helplessness

Why it was that what he loved the most grew old and died
Why he found no place of rest however hard he tried
And he threw himself upon the mountainside
And knew himself to be alone and bitterly began to cry

And in his misery he saw
As if in a dream
That where his tears fell to the ground
There sprang forth a stream
And the stream fed a river
That flowed glad and free
From the hills to the lowlands
And so reached the sea

River and seawater
Flowing down together
Though the river ends
The sea lives on forever

And by means of this vision
The Prince was set free
And in his dying moments
At last he could see

Why it is that what we love the most must disappear
Where that place of rest is that is always free from fear
And he flowed into the river with his tears
And knew himself to be the sea without a knower or a seer

And if you gaze far out to sea at night
So they say
Sometimes you’ ll see his face shine in the moon
Far away
And the river still flows
From the hills to the plain
And the sea feeds the river
With drops from the rain

River and seawater
Flowing down together
Though the river ends
The sea lives on forever …

Black Hole


They study deep space
The garden is overgrown
Odd priority

The Real Deal


Phoney connections
Sully and diminish us
And over time destroy
Our precious connection
With Soul and Spirit

While true connections
Nourish those involved
Allow Soul and Spirit
To come forward
And be recognised

W(h)iles: Shadorma


While meanwhile
As ever they are
Preaching to
The choir
While for though they appear full
Their pews are empty

Dangly Bits And Traps


Then again
From a Zen
Or Dzogchen
Viewpoint – or Tao
Relax back into Now
Return – Release
Thought destroys Peace
Breeds Illusion
All is One
With no one
Real to worry
To fret or hurry
From here to there
Be more than Aware
Ending up being less
And breathless
Breathe in – Breathe out
No mind what it’s all about

Opinion As Opiate


We call it the truth
Made up as we go along
So quick to protect
Then again why not relax?
Let uncertainty buoy us

A Tanka In Autumn


Pox on verbiage
All these dragooned syllables
Listen closely as
The sound of a falling leaf
Declares “nothing to declare”



Not a word spoken
“Pick up flower, subtle smile”
Message clear enough

A Gladdening


So another new day dimly dawns
Decked in chittering e-mails
But here comes it seems yours
For sure I tag it Personal tout de suite
Though not time yet to return the volley
For I am for my sins otherwise occupied
Smothered in oil, vinegar and mustard

So multimuch is out there … But the Truth?
Let’s be honest … If we dare
At root mainly much impersonal simplicity
Mainly simply words mimicking other words
They read somewhere sometime
In other words plagiarising
Acting out

But not yours
Dear one
Not yours
And so bless you
And all of any those
Who speak from the heart
Not as litany

Bless you
Bless you
Bless you thricely

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