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Being quiet and listening


Everything that happens to you is your teacher…

the secret is to learn to sit at the feet of your own life and be taught by it.

Polly Berrien Berends, US author

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The Eyes Have It

Take a look around you. Now cover your right eye and look carefully at the scene or some specific object. Then cover your left eye and look carefully at it. You will notice that it appears a little different each time, though you may need to switch back and forth a few times before you appreciate this fully. It is apparent that what anything “is” depends on the point of view, and it makes no sense to assert that any particular view is “THE ONE AND ONLY TRUTH”.

If this is the case when we consider the two eyes in a single head, think what this implies when we start to consider all the eyes in all the different heads there are.

Of course some folk only have one eye, and some folk have poor sight or else their vision is distorted in some way, while other folk are completely blind. It would be foolish, surely, to argue with them about the “Truth”. Perhaps an approach to the question with a little more understanding and compassion might be appropriate.


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belas bright ideas

I never told you I loved you enough, the only ones
to whom it might have mattered and mattered much,
how could I? There are certain things one apprehends
only with age, the fact that most parents were
mere children themselves when they raised us up;

Now when I look back, I am able to glimpse humanity
more humbly instead of simply placing familiar labels,
Mom and Dad, great brazen fire-breathing dragons
of the household, both admired and feared
for their outsized demeanor, similar to the church God
I prayed daily would grant me safety and comfort
in place of the warm arms I yearned to fold myself
into, though dared never trust;

Even with busy single parenting, I was not able
to reflect upon the scope of the job, absorbed
as I was in all things survival to comprehend;
too enraptured in my own harried drama to sit back
and draw…

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Music for the End

“And with endings”

(Which always beget beginnings,)




I shall not go into tomorrow
( though I may dream there).

These poems poised to begin again.
Our music, the only thing to give us birth.
What the endless aeons of starlight have waited for.

At this river’s edge – the taste of tears and flowers.
I shall dream tonight the distance –
Roaring waterfalls in Yolmo,
And the pearl liquid silent waters:
Loch Craignish after rain.

Do what we may, it will never be enough.
We paint the day and start again.
The gods have cursed us with their beautiful weaknesses.
With poetry that will not stay,
With friends and with loves
And with endings.

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belas bright ideas

Black is the color of undefined space,
of chasms so large many fear to fall,
inky background behind the night rainbow
void of busy-ness of day,
flowing cleanly down the split shaft
of an old quill pen, seeping deeply
into dimples of vellum;

Striking contrast, none or full phases
of lunation, back to black, again
and anon, ebony skin bejeweled
in glorious hues, unruly hair
and wild patterned dress,
cradle of civilization suffused
with damp earthen heat;

Unsterile, untamed, U as in unify, more
like u-turn, what did I miss, back to origins,
basics, unity in community, necessitating
complementarity, muting
blinding tonalities of white;

Born into a dusky womb, darkness follows
into death, settled now into the earth,
home we take for granted
until breath and water are gone.

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5 Key Revelations For Free Thinkers To Consider After Election 2016

This article is clearly written with US citizens in mind, although I believe it is worth reading wherever you may live.
5 Key Revelations for Free Thinkers to Consider After Election 2016

Dronacharya By Reena Saxena

No words.

The Machinery - A literary collection.

Illustration by Arushi Gupta Illustration by Arushi Gupta

I taught them how
to hold the bow, and aim.
There is no parrot
In the boughs today
I am the target.

I was invited by Power
to share Wisdom
with Hope for the future.
and equip a generation
to face the battle of Life.

I sold knowledge
for wealth
not for survival
but riches for myself.
It was all I had to sell.

Or so, I told myself
in self-deception.
The package that I sold
included Ethics and
Independent Action.

I watched the dance
of Death and Destruction
and did nothing.
“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”,
I was sternly told.

I tried to flee the grave
veiled by Shame and Guilt,
their hands pushed me back again.
The world watched with horror,
the cemetery that I built.

About the Author

Reena Saxena

“The actors in the drama were shaped by him, but he was neither…

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Are you happy now?


I only use the table in my room for typing when i am writing about something serious. Other times it merely acts as the final resting place of all my gadgetry after a long night. Today however is one of those days when I feel like talking about something. An issue very close to me and something that has affected and haunted me for quite some time now. A great sadness comes over me as i come to terms with my new reality, my new identity. But not for the reasons you may think. This didn’t happen because of two idiots indulging in cheap thrills. I can now just sit alone in my room shaking my head wondering if there was something else i could’ve done or something i missed in the process that could’ve been corrected preemptively.

To fight a system one must accept that there may be a…

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Understanding The New World Order – The Who, What, How And Why

Understanding The New World Order – The Who, What, How And Why

Numerals on a Spree

Clutching at Straws

By Ben Naga

8, 10 and 6 got drunk again last night
And you know how it is after a few

8 stumbled, fell over and lay there prostrate
As if paying overawed homage to Infinity

10, as usual, got rather too full of herself
And declared loudly, “I am the Digital Goddess”

6 stayed silent and simply sat there, crestfallen
Embarrassed to have turned into a limp flaccid 9

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