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Those Were The Days

“The remedy for people of the future age of great confusion lies in the ancient knowledge of the integral way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation. The holistic way of life, practiced by the ancient sages incorporated body, mind and spirit as a whole in all activities. Their clothing, diet and dwellings were in accordance with nature. They relied on their limbs for transportation. Their education was broad and comprehensive; it did not emphasize one element of their being while neglecting the others. They did not seek out special activities for recreation; their work and recreation were one and the same. Their forms of exercise developed not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well, through the harmonisation of internal energies. Their music functioned as a bridge between mind and spirit and was not just an emotional release. Their leaders were chosen because they were outstanding models of virtue, not for their financial or military capabilities. Philosophy, science and spiritual practice were incorporated as one whole.”

“The people of the future should not blindly accept the new nor reject the old. Things that were developed long ago may still have great value if they have been proven safe and effective by the test of time. The new inventions that appear may seem like shortcuts, but things of temporal convenience will bring hidden troubles later. Future generations will need to evaluate all old and new discoveries and inventions to ensure that they are useful and healthy, according to the standards of a holistic way of life.”

– The Complete Works Of Lao Tzu: Tao Teh Ching and Hua Hu Ching, translated by Master Hua-Ching Ni.

Each Of Us


Upon his decease
They found, clearing out his things, this envelope
Addressed “To whom it may concern”

Each of us is a PLP
A Public Leaning Post
A Poor Lonely Person

As a Public Leaning Post
I give each of you help and acceptance
And this is my Love

As a Poor Lonely Person
I ask each of you for help and acceptance
And this is my Humility

Amidst the dark and stormy seas of my pain and passion
I cling to the raft of my heart
And this is my Integrity

Among the dark and silent hills of my inner landscape
I shout “Hello” and listen to my own voice’s dying echoes
And this is my Humanity

There is a time for speech, a time for action
A time for silence and stillness
And this is my Wisdom

And as I strive to honour each moment as it is
And hold these qualities in mind
Perhaps I approach Creativity

Least Said, Soonest Mended


It is wise to avoid arguing
With those whose opinions
Are opposed to one’s own
Or with the utterly stupid

It is especially important
If one is viewing the two
As but one and the same

The Slings And Arrows: Double Shadorma


Give it up
These foolish attempts
To cover
The whole world
With leather so’s to protect
Our sensitive feet

Far better
Since achievable
Watch our step
And wear some
Stout but comfortable shoes
Wherever we go

Not So Smart Then After All.

“Technology itself is a tool that is neither inherently good nor bad, but technology without wisdom is weaponised stupidity.”

– Sergey Baranov.


Ahoy There! II


Children have a wisdom
That adults have lost

Adults have a wisdom
Children have yet to attain

May we never sail on blindly
Missing one another by miles

Weavers We (A poem)


The past casts shadows over the present
Just as the present casts shadows over the future
Everything in the one tapestry is interwoven
The wise weaver will bear this fact in mind
And so avoid the trap of uncaring isolation

Stone Me!


Life arises/arrives
In so so many forms
And all inter-related

Best observe, interact
Without attachment
For it is after all as it is

A Word To The Wise II


Worry, worry, worry
Kills you in a hurry

So let things be
And you will see
More days

And those days
Will also sweeter be



Dunnow’s Recompense


To find strength and comfort in uncertainty
Is the reward for an earnest searching
Beyond the generally agreed upon
And thenceforth universally decreed

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