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Allein: Senryu


Seeking another
Full of hope and determination
Yet without success

Fellow Traveller: Shadorma


Perhaps we’ll
Meet along the way
Share a loaf
Recount our
Adventures and disasters
Then go on our way

From The Touchline


How’s it going then?
…..Early days yet.
I’m sure you’ll charm her into bed.

How’s it going then?
…..Hard to tell.
Well you’re a very complex woman.

She might just be frightened.
…..Do you think I can scare the pants off her?
That’s just a joke right?

How’s it going then?
…..Mixed messages all the time.
You’ll get there.

How’s it going then?
…..The more I see her I see how strange she is.
Definitely your kind of woman then.

To be continued …

Orphaned Vows


A solemn promise
Neglected and unfulfilled
Becomes an insult



For Brian and Terry

There can be
A special bonding
Woman to woman
Man to man

And of course
(Rubber stamped)
Man to woman
(Woman to man)

Deep and flowing
A glowing energy
With or without
The sex thing

There can be
A special bonding
Woman to woman
Man to man

Been there just today
Been here just today
Bathed in their warmth
Dissolving in gratitude

Gentle Reminder


Should you not know
That you’re thought of
Remembered, loved
Wished well and beyond

Must’ve slipped your mind
Write it down on paper
Keep it to hand always
Reread it as need be
Relax in its warm embrace

Bosom Pals


For Woody and happy days.

Starlight our lamplight
A widdle and a waddle
Home from the ale house

Old Friends


I have here two much loved books
Originally purchased at second-hand shops
(being pretty short of money in my youth – 10p each!)
I have now replaced them both in better shape
So the earlier copies are surplus to requirement

While I have looked after them carefully
(You may remember from our years together
That I’m always careful with books, discs etc.)
They were a little careworn by previous owners
So I don’t think charity shops would be interested

The content beneath the slightly dilapidated surfaces though
Is too precious to be thoughtlessly assigned to the refuse bin just yet

I recognise you as a discerning reader
And wonder whether you might not
Offer them a temporary home, another reading
Even though it might be their last

In exchange I believe you may receive herein
Some fine entertainment
Some food for thought
Let me know if interested and
I’ll package and despatch them



It is never too late
To say your peace
Unless of course
You leave it too late

Lynne’s Demise


Gone you are now then
Flowers are all that remains
I can offer you

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