We should get out more
Or so our friends advise us
But people out there
Can be so disappointing
So we coast the internet

Once Upon A Time …




Once upon a time there was a garden on a high hill
Green and blossomin’ round against the sea
And there the sun came and the rain pourin’ down
Garden grew and flourished and splattered bits of color on the ground
And it took shape and symmetry and all of life around
But there came winds driven and howling
There came snow and I feared for the garden
So I built a wall and I built another and roofed it over thick and strong
And kept it from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
The killing cold could not get in
But when the sun came and the gentle rain of spring
They could not reach the garden behind those walls
It would have died, safely, securely, died
But as I longed and as I learned I tore the walls all down
The garden still lives


Last Orders


Desist dithering
The heavenly barmaid calls
“Time gentlemen please”

What Goes Out Comes in

Garden, June 2015

What Comes In Goes Out

CD Shelves



Part of the problem
Or part of the solution?
The jury’s still out.

A Something In The Air


I hear a buzzing
Springing to life once again
Bees busy being



Those we love suffer
From time to time it seems as
We in our caring


Ben Naga:

In the beginning
I sought only to escape

After a while
I sought for achievement

On a good day
All there is is offering

Originally posted on leslee hare:

I scrolled down my Facebook feed last night, image after image of comments, photos, memes about a fresh tragedy in Charleston. Nine souls in heaven now, countless beings writhing in anguish because someone thought it was okay – or necessary – to kill in order to try to control their environment.

Cynthia Hurd, Reverend Sharonda Singleton, Ethel Lance, Tywanza Sanders, The Honorable Reverend Clementa Pinkney, Myra Thompson, Reverend DePayne Middleton-Doctor, Reverend Daniel Simmons, and Susie Jackson have all left this world at the hands of another person. Beautiful people; this world misses them.

Dylann Roof thought he had something to protect from them.

From us.

I see posts by my dark-skinned friends and wonder if their feelings about me have changed. I look pretty darn white. I’m afraid to comment. I value their friendship; I love them, even the ones I’ve never broken bread with. I don’t want to lose…

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Awaiting Still


Moment by moment
We find ourselves existing
Moment by moment
Whether awake or asleep
And why do eyes come in pairs?


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