One year down the road
A car crash in slow motion*
Glued fast to the screen


* Verbal image nicked from Suzan DelBene.


Duel Purpose Weapon


She always did have
A soft spot for irony
Both crutch and breastplate

The Writer

One to share.


Thursday. The moving world

below the disregarded grey.

Everything familiar. I stay

for a moment, thoughts curled

aimlessly around the unmarked day.

So there, smothered by light,

stained by the ruins of yesterday

all idea of purpose cast away,

all shape and pattern wiped from my sight,

palely I grope my featureless way.

Having something to say

seems to be the first requirement,

however crudely the words are bent

to form some monument, to the way,

naively, my chance cards I play.

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Family Get-together


On parade
Best bib and tucker
Here we are
We strangers
With the same familiar name
Little beyond that

Spanish Lady

Inexplicably underrated is this wonderful live performance from alto saxophonist John Handy and his group from the 1965 Monterey Jazz Festival.The leading critic Ralph J. Gleason wrote. “It’s an exciting group and one that will make jazz history”. Sadly his prediction has yet to be realised. But then it’s not too late. If you are taken with this piece then you can also find another recording from the same performance and album, “If Only We Knew” on YouTube. Enjoy, music lovers. 🙂



Please forgive our words
She’s having her way with me
We’re lost far at sea



Not allowed to say a word
Not allowed to make a sound
Allowed to do anything
But there are consequences



The day comes
(If you are still here)
When you look
All around
And see all those favourite
Books, discs, videos

The ace ones
You’re not done with yet
Retained to
Though if you started today
There wouldn’t be time

Vessel by Diyana Love

Double six.

The Machinery - A literary collection.

Illustration by flowsofly Illustration by flowsofly

A vessel as open as mine
To collect the drops of weighted honey-
The love I have and inherit in time.
The vase of love, emotions sweet
Correct the doubt of fear and me.

About the Author

Diyana LoveDiyana Love is temporarily a Utah based writer whom has been writing since a child. She is currently working on two novels and a poetry book for publication. Writing has always been a form of expression for her, but has recently become her passioned outlet. She is now learning to travel while away from her Vegas home, satisfying her desire to travel the world. You can find more of Diyana’s work at and

About the Illustrator

You can follow flowsofly’s amazing artwork on Instagram.

Vessel  is part of the weekly poem publications from the literary collection  The Machinery . You can submit your poetry and fiction  here.


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Better Safe Than Sorry


Wear my heart on my sleeve
Come hell or high water
I’ve learnt over the years
Better to go short sleeved

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