Otherwise Occupied


Busy busy busy
No time to spare – Or share
Or seek behind the masks
The ones they wear – Or ours

Are you happy now?


I only use the table in my room for typing when i am writing about something serious. Other times it merely acts as the final resting place of all my gadgetry after a long night. Today however is one of those days when I feel like talking about something. An issue very close to me and something that has affected and haunted me for quite some time now. A great sadness comes over me as i come to terms with my new reality, my new identity. But not for the reasons you may think. This didn’t happen because of two idiots indulging in cheap thrills. I can now just sit alone in my room shaking my head wondering if there was something else i could’ve done or something i missed in the process that could’ve been corrected preemptively.

To fight a system one must accept that there may be a…

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The Kiss-off


Won’t pretend it’s strange
Yes you’re gone but no real change
Life was always strange

Clanging Cymbals – A Sevenling


Life takes its course
Demise a constant threat
All things must pass

Questions pose themselves
We tender our own certainties
We fight and murder over faith

In truth we haven’t a clue

Understanding The New World Order – The Who, What, How And Why

Understanding The New World Order – The Who, What, How And Why

Last Chance Saloon


Believe it or not
This is where we ended up
After all that past

The Real Thing


Out looking for love?
Look out! – If it’s conditioned
It’s not truly love.

Go look in instead
And find out desire is
The last thing you’ll need.



We spend our lives in
Attacking or defending
Are(n’t) we all we are?

Numerals on a Spree

Clutching at Straws

By Ben Naga

8, 10 and 6 got drunk again last night
And you know how it is after a few

8 stumbled, fell over and lay there prostrate
As if paying overawed homage to Infinity

10, as usual, got rather too full of herself
And declared loudly, “I am the Digital Goddess”

6 stayed silent and simply sat there, crestfallen
Embarrassed to have turned into a limp flaccid 9

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Calliope’s Children


You stoke and provoke
Open up countless chasms
Too vast to orate
Conjuring such wild answers
Few are they who dare reply