Thoughts of flight and prayer
Lead one to think of angels
Fly freely, I pray

How To Defend Yourself From Ransomware

Important information! (Republished from “Windows Secrets” (Windows Secrets).

How to defend yourself from ransomware

Obviously, this is addressed to users of Windows. Apple users should do an internet search as ransomware attacks are not confined to Windows, plus this is an evolving danger.

What The … ?


Beauty, sly, may don
Some strangely unforeseen gowns
While wooing our hearts

Important Facts

Someone kindly sent me this. I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing.

Important Facts



Loot your palette
Chunder with gay abandon
Splash out recklessly

Freely bespangle
Give wild inspiration rein
Spattering matters

Broken Promises And Broken Sleep


Drawn into a dream
That promised so much and then
Ended in nightmare


This is mainly for UK and European readers.


The TTIP is of great danger. Plenty of info available on line. Doing my puny part.

Apologies; the image is a bit small and you may need to crank up your Zoom to read it with ease. (Alternatively simply click on it and you go to a larger size version. Certainly that works with Firefox.)



I can multitask
Which is to say that I can
Do several things
And make a mess of them all
And simultaneously!

The Thought of Love’s Victory

Ben Naga:

Sanity amid the madness.

You were meant to read this.

And join the reblogging?

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I’ve been thinking about the messages that we give each other and ourselves. Sometimes these really hit the mark, and they help a lot. Often the help comes not from a big long article, but just a few words. So I wondered what few words would help us ‘in this time’. You know and I know that what’s going on in the world now is so death-loving that it’s beyond comprehension. It affects us deeply, and this is what I mean by ‘in this time’.

Here we are… as radiation kills the ocean, fracking poisons the groundwater, chemtrails poison the sky, insane war mongers lust after death, hatred of every sort rises like an odor from hell, and that’s just the beginning. We’re nauseated, beyond being shocked… it’s more like we’re shell-shocked.

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To understand others
Especially those we see as other than ourselves
Requires that we are first honest with ourselves
And then forgive

This level of depth of observation
Is frequently unknown to these “grown-ups”
Never mind the effort of being
Explored and examined


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