Before National Masturbation Month Is Over …

Well I never! You live and learn (or not).

5 Scientific Reasons You Should Masturbate Every Day

See also National Masturbation Day.



They were both upfucked
It was nothing personal
Still I’m upfucked too



Another page then
Savaged, ravaged

No pristine virgin
No fallow field

Tell me for why
Is it just rattling

The bars of the cage
Of this our language

Busy busy restraining
Our breathless words

For after all, for after all
Who was it, who was it

Put the me in meaning
Or the em in poem?

The Real Armageddon: Learning how to be Alone!


The Real Armageddon: Learning how to be Alone!


Too Paranoid (Republished)


He started whispering to me one night
From the wall beside my bed
Said he needed my help

That the secret police
Were controlling his thoughts
With microwave radiation

So that he wrote poems
Which they could use if they ever needed
Evidence of his insanity

And this is one of them
Which he was too paranoid to write down
So he got me to do it for him

After all, he says
I live in a democracy
And it’s quite safe here

Understanding The Global Economic Collapse


Understanding the global economic collapse


Free Time


Time be essential
So them taught us in’m school
We’s done toke our time
Explored beyond black ‘n’ white
Time’s its own barrier



When a gift
Is truly a gift
Then the giver
Has let go

And the future
Of said gift
Is in the hands
Of the recipient

Miss Nomer


I believe in God
Because He’s stupid enough
To believe in me

Flies (Reposted)


One fly
On either side of a pane of glass
Each one crawling
Concentratedly searching
For a way through this invisible
But so tangible barrier
To its freedom

Seems to notice the other
And so is not disheartened
Or amused
To see the vanity of it all
Still less consider what then
If the glass is but a mirror

So people too
At liberty within the boundaries of their minds
Yet feel themselves imprisoned
And long to escape
Into the freedom they have made
Of another’s prison
And this they call love


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