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True Name


You mined me for gold
Your pick in your hand

No don’t mind me no
Ore waste your time
For my gold is mine
And mine alone

Nominal – a loan
A nom de plume
Plucked from the air
Light as morning mist

A feathery tag
Tagged – you’re it!
Thought me caught fast
Not so fast though

Not so fast as you thought
A puff of wind blew me
Up, up and away
You cry out my name

From the still sky
Not even an echo


Gone Astray


Are we all not One
Black and white, male and female
Why betray Oneself?

All In All


When all is connected
All is connected

Within without
Above below

Before behind
Behind before

Who dare (not) put
The all in Allah?

For after all
(And before all)

Before behind
Behind before

And besides …

Who would wish
To flee and why?

Meantime who dare decry
Use of any word at all?

View, view and then review
As time goes by

Best review who reviews
And why and how

Eternal Rhythm (30e)


A clinging
Then a relaxing
The rhythm
Of presence
Birth and death are our breathing
We come and we go


Shadorma November

Biographer (24a)


Way back then
Before all of this
If you can
How simple life used to be
Before all of this


Shadorma November

The Me In Meaning (8b)


Always seemed
Fairly subjective
What passes
For meaning
How and where we go seeking
Has its influence


Shadorma November

One Valiant Victim


Are we not all the one
For whom the bell tolls
While currently being
If we care so to be also
The one with the balls?

Far From Home


Racist illusions
There is no one to defend
Painful foolishness



No me to be right
Likewise no me to be wrong
What we encounter
Is what we see it to be
The observer no less so


“The world is an illusion; it has no real existence. And this is what is meant by ‘imagination’ (khayāl). For you just imagine that it (i.e. the world) is an autonomous reality quite different from and independent of the Absolute Reality, while in truth it is nothing of the sort. Know that you yourself are an imagination. And everything that you perceive and say to yourself, ‘this is not me’ is also an imagination. So that the whole world of existence is imagination within imagination.”

– Ibn Arabi.

Impasto Imposter


(For shame: further unwarranted symbolisms)

The page has not – not – loaded completely
Something went wrong – went wrong – went wrong

Wiring went wrong – Went AWOL – Went haywire – Rewire

Digital – Digitail – Digitool – Digitall – Digitalis

Intent – Intention – Unintention – Unintended

I Robot – I Roboot – I Reboot – I Reboot – I Reboot

Recovering no now nor now nor neither truth
Nor whatever else once or twice passed for truth

Back then, back there, back in the day
Back it up – Backpack it – Pack it in

Back then back when we postured as one
As one posing as posing as posed as one

As apposite – Or as in opposition
Or as apposite as possible

Or as I – As I – Let’s admit it
As I – uninvited – scammed

(For shame: further unwarranted symbolisms)

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