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Quote Of The Day 2

“Some people think they can find satisfaction in good food, fine clothes, lively music, and sexual pleasure. However, when they have all these things, they are not satisfied. They realize happiness is not simply having their material needs met. Thus, society has set up a system of rewards that go beyond material goods. These include titles, social recognition, status, and political power, all wrapped up in a package called self-fulfillment. Attracted by these prizes and goaded on by social pressure, people spend their short lives tiring body and mind to chase after these goals. Perhaps this gives them the feeling that they have achieved something in their lives, but in reality they have sacrificed a lot in life. They can no longer see, hear, act, feel, or think from their hearts. Everything they do is dictated by whether it can get them social gains. In the end, they’ve spent their lives following other people’s demands and never lived a life of their own. How different is this from the life of a slave or a prisoner?”

― Liezi, Lieh-tzu: A Taoist Guide to Practical Living


Mirrors (A Four By Six)


Everything collapses
Global, societal
And private, personal
As above, so below

Mr Simon


Slip-sliding away
Those lyrics we memorised
Winter of our days

Waiting Room


Set yourself
To examining
The texture
Of the fabric
Of your life
Between meals

Relativity II


Hurtling down the track
Sat here in this racing train
I seem to be still



They were both upfucked
It was nothing personal
Still I’m upfucked too

A Judgement On Judgement


What shall we make of our life?

A worldwide sightseeing tour
Or else a fault-finding mission?

For we shall never find a fault
Beyond those t’was we defined?



Some there are who live in touch
With both heart and mind
Others it seems
Less so

Croesus Positive


So glad to hear that the clouds are now clearing
And let us dream of fresh sunny days in the future
Without of course losing ourselves in past or future
For now and for ever is the one eternal moment

Three Days, Three Quotes: Day Three


The Secret Keeper has invited me to participate in The 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge. It has taken a while for me to get around to replying, but that does not mean I am ungrateful for the honour, and now here we are at last. If you are unfamiliar with her site have a peek. You will discover a vast range of interesting reading, viewing and listening. Think, feel and even respond with creativity of your own.

The rules for the 3-Days, 3-Quotes Challenge are:

…..1. Thank the person who nominated you. (See above. 🙂 )

…..2. Post one fresh quotation on three consecutive days.

…..3. On each of the three days, nominate three folk who have not yet taken part to continue the challenge.

Today’s Nominees are:

…..New Hampshire Garden Solutions

…..Read Between the Minds


Today’s Quotation

“The mind is dependent on its history, deeply buried in its culture, and still more deeply embedded in a frequently hostile body; and the isolation which afflicts it is neither splendid nor Promethean, but simply the petulant loneliness of an invalid. …

… The sad thing, or course, is that, aside from bodily contact, language is the only instrument of communication we have, but depending upon it is like leaning on a reed.”

– Thomas Stumpf.