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Just Imagine


To imagine to live
Is not a trick on its own
Death is its sequel

Fading Posters


Seven years fly by
While we, observers, spy
As others one by one disappear
Change – endless change – mere change
Where art thou yesteryear? A hollow laugh?

To not laugh perhaps our sole recompense
To mock the empty mocker and so repost
Salut! and Salut! and Salut! and Salut!
Within time – time as both illusion
And yet at the same time eternal

The L Word: Sevenling*


That tiny word, even unspoken
A thousand ships or a dagger
A peace, a war

A life, a death
A future, a history
And always, always, always

An abundance of tears

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~


The Plot Unfolds


Don’t you worry
Don’t you worry me
Don’t you bury me though

Don’t you bury your head
In some proverbial sand

Don’t you worry
Don’t you worry me
Don’t you bury me though

For neither of us
Is quite so dead just yet

Nor quite alive
Either yet so

Don’t you worry
Don’t you worry me
Don’t you bury me though

Yes, yes, don’t you bury me
‘Cos I ain’t quite dead yet



Ashes now your flesh
Yet I hear your lost voice still
In blackbird, in thrush

Born Marking Time


Pens stroke paper as
Fingers caress keyboards as
Writers slowly die

Dear Ones Lost


Where are you now?
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

Missing you terribly
But that’s our fault
Not yours

Or is it?

Or else not?

For you are I
As I play you
In your absence

Asking where am I?
Asking where am I?
Asking where am I?

Up Next


Back in centre just for a moment
In that moment when you learn
A parent has passed away, died
“How was that?” I ask … Reply

Policeman at the door no need to say
Knowing the content of his message
Dad’s death unexpected as it was
Had come and gone just like that

Glad to have seen her one last time
To have sanctioned her last request
To stop eating and be left in peace
Her right to dignity – Bugger the Law

Should I have felt more? Whatever
I felt what I felt … Not that much
“For better, for worse” their words
I not here to fill up empty dreams

I guess I’m up next then whenever
In the meantime these days slip by
Neither wholly sweet nor bitter
Simply days preceding more days

Mary Oliver: In Memoriam


Flesh and bone may decay
Her words, all the thoughts
All the feelings they evoke
Shall remain to nourish us

Familiar (with image)


A true bond
Is never broken
Birth to death
Life to life
Rooted in one another
Branches of one tree

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

I came across this fine photograph on New Hampshire Garden Solutions‘ site and was moved to republish this shadorma accompanied (with his kind permission) by his photo. His site is one of my favourites, always full of both beauty and interest, and I highly recommend it.

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