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Open Ended


You are invited to take the air
On wings for too long trussed
(Not the best sort of trust)
So switch craving to braving
Half the sky is already yours
The other half yours to explore




Many people believe
(Having been taught so)
That love and hatred are opposites

But in my experience this is not correct
The true opposite of love is fear

Fear is the ground
From which hatred grows

Love opens us up
Fear closes us down

We no longer see
So we imagine

And hate what
We think we see

To overcome our hatred
We must first overcome our fear
Of our fellows and of ourselves

Daisy Petals


Fearless … or timid?
She loves me … she loves me not
Her favourite game

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

“Would you like the escape the horrible reality of thinking your own thoughts? Me too. Learning to have your mind controlled is your key to escaping the hell of thinking for yourself.”

A Simple Acrostic



Hugely appreciated and
Universally valued when
Genuinely expressed and
Shared slowly between two

Gold coins, silver, diamonds
Over-esteemed, so say I

Arid … Meantime all these souls
Neglected, disregarded, crossing
Deserts alone, dying of drought

Deep dark dank oubliettes, shackled to walls
Old fears and hungers binding us fast

Likely seems it’s we hamstring ourselves
Imitating care with taut taught gestures
Kisses on proffered mouths or cheeks
Evasive tactics, light flirtations, small talk
Worrywarts avoiding any need of need
I ended up imprisoned as did you
Solitary observers, unknown, disunderstood
Everywhere so let us welcome them then

Hugely appreciated and
Universally valued when
Genuinely expressed and
Shared slowly between two

She Seats Herself To Write


She seats herself to write

Half fearing her writing
Will drive her mad while
Half hopes it will cure her

In two minds – Ah, if only
Thinks were so simple
Turmoil turmoil turmoil

Enough! Dismisses them all
And seats herself to write

When In Doubt


Transparency indubitably ideal
Must be a both ways offering
Though … So we inch forward

Full of such lack of confidence

Guardedly trading confidences
And reactions … Testing, testing
Are you receiving me? … Over

The night sky pales around us

Chink by chink the curtains open
To reveal … only a tinted window
Opaque … and that’s all she wrote



Revealing the fears
Hidden behind little lies
The first step forward



When fear fouls the air
Truth pleads absence without leave
One’s sole remaining refuge
Survival of the fittest

Gender Issues


The suicide decided after all to cross the river.
Styx a stone’s throw away – Too many thrown stones.
Crossed over now into who knows what or where. Into
who knows beneath all that faith and charity after all?

Cruelly abandoned by us all; backed up into corners.
All those accusatory closed doors, shuttered windows.
Words not the sole way to show a soul’s distress though.
Tiny gestures, reactions, dress choice speak volumes;
sightlessness alive and well among the seeing.

The suicide decided to cross the river.
(Styx a stone’s throw away after all.)
Many too many thrown stones.
And words not the sole way
to show a soul’s distress.

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