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Joyful Herald: Shadorma


Loves to dance
Not as a display
Craving for
Or the adrenalin rush
No, simply express

Just Be(cause)


Looking into things

(S)he realised I am Trump!
Time for a rethink …
Did I have a hand in this?
And what do I seek to learn?

Earlier in between showers
(S)he went into the garden
(With not a Maud in sight)*

Ladybird, ladybird fly away home
Your house is on fire, children all gone
Going, going, going, gone

India told me once just be
Give the wheel away
But not to just anyone
Don’t be so laxy#

Open the canister, get to the man inside
Quiet and thoughtful of others
Not the fly God
Nor the shy god

Believe and you will be transformed

~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~


# No, not a typo. 🙂

In And Out The Flesh


Sometimes we return here
Other times return there.
Conjecture; construction.
Both imaginary.
It’s neither here nor there.



BUDDHA IN THE MUD. Practical everyday insight into Dzogchen Buddhism. It's not about feeling good about yourself; it's about feeling good about your self. Your self is your karma and teacher.

Crimes Against Humanity

Large-scale events, whether natural or otherwise, create a cause and effect which seems to downgrade, limit and restructure society. We can see this happening now, and our recent history amplifies this. The powerful want more power and this, in turn, denies humanity its liberty. This pattern of behaviour occurs time and time again, causing collective karma that controls us, whether through culture, politics or military might. As long as we consent to this state of play, we are part of karmic catastrophe.

For this reason, humans throughout the ages have sought freedom through thought and expression, with many turning to the source of consciousness to realise that we are not an inherent part of this karmic enterprise. It is here that our search can be subverted, and consciousness becomes inverted into believing instead of knowing.

We all have the same human frailties of likes and dislikes that…

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The One Question: Senryu


Now is the question
That has us stumped till we see
Now is the answer

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