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Oaks A’borning

Thanks to my kind friends Phil and Susan this piece of mine was included in the Mind Trees Of The Urban Forest* project, performed by John Chambers.



Where ever did I put that gardening hat?
The one I wear for pottering and that
In my aimless though quite agreeable way.
Before I know it I’ve whiled away the day.

“What have I been doing?” I wonder aloud.
Can’t quite recall, start looking around.
I can see a few crumbs there on the floor.
By the sink several mugs, three or four.

There’s a paper back, only partly read
Lying face down on the chair by the bed.
There’s another open on the window sill
A funny kind of travelogue by that Bill …

So I must’ve sat by the window for a bit.
When the sun’s out it’s a good place to sit.
And I’ve had something to eat and a nap.
Still can’t think of the name of that chap.

I’m wearing my gardening hat I realise.
The one that keeps the sun out of my eyes.
It looks like I didn’t even set foot outside.
But I did put the hat on so at least I tried.

It’s getting dark so it’s too late to start now.
There isn’t anything urgent to do anyhow.
What time is it anyway? I’ve begun yawning.
An early night, I think, and in the morning …

Itchy You … Bless You


Nothing feels quite right
The spiritual path beckons
You pay at the door

Down the road apace
Looking into this and that
One rebecomes all



Ctrl Z
Ctrl Z
Ctrl Z

Ctrl Z
Oh how I love
Ctrl Z!

What a shame
It only work
on my PC.




Breath is all I have
Fear, desire, confusion
I retreat to breath

A Stale Start


Here we are it seems
Stained with yesterday’s remains
Dazed and misty-eyed

Secondhand Living (Republished)


Your very own death watch beetles*
Mark seconds, minutes, hours
Then days, weeks, months and years
Their insistent ticking unheard by your ears
Fine tuned instead to mental scurrying
Myriad mind maps, multiplex memories
Journeys undertaken or imagined
Varicoloured projections outdoing
Any Hollywood lollapalooza†
With anadipsic* dreams gushing
While hearts intertwine to the tune
Of Bonaparte’s Retreat or are blown apart
To morph into gory gut wrenching disasters
And you follow your feet down the street
Oblivious to the momentous truth
That moment by moment
You are acting against green screen

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

* Death watch beetle –

† Lollapalooza – an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance. (Random House Kernerman Webster’s College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.)

* Anadipsic – An enchantment that requires a tremendous amount of personal arcane energy. (

Take Off


Taking off
Like a butterfly

Taking off
Like a startled starling

Taking off
A well known character

Taking off
Like a jet fighter

Taking off
A burdensome disguise

Taking off
A shirt, a skirt, our underclothing

Taking off
Into the unknown

Taking on now
Disguise in love with you

Game On!


Game on!
May the be(a)st (wo)man win
And both celebrate together
The ongoing outcome

The Slings And Arrows: Double Shadorma


Give it up
These foolish attempts
To cover
The whole world
With leather so’s to protect
Our sensitive feet

Far better
Since achievable
Watch our step
And wear some
Stout but comfortable shoes
Wherever we go

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