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Back in centre just for a moment
In that moment when you learn
A parent has passed away, died
“How was that?” I ask … reply

Policeman at the door no need to say
Knowing the content of his message
Dad’s death unexpected as it was
Had come and gone just like that

Glad to have seen her one last time
To have sanctioned her last request
To stop eating and be left in peace
Her right to dignity – Bugger the Law

Should I have felt more? Whatever
I felt what I felt … Not that much
“For better, for worse” their words
I not here to fill up empty dreams

I guess I’m up next then whenever
In the meantime these days slip by
Neither wholly sweet nor bitter
Simply days preceding more days

Pith Helmet De Rigueur


X-plore X-pect X-dreams
Went deep, went wide, went wild
Some say went insane
But then what do they know?

Central question:
Best and worst quality?

Worst? Easy
Anger and intolerance

Best? On reflection
Tolerance and acceptance

Mutually contradictory
Agreed, but then you see
What did you expect?
A neat sign-off and full marks?



The political
Is personal
But then
The personal
Is political

The personal
Is political
But then
The political
Is personal

Rude Awakenings


Oh dear! … Oh dear! … In spades!
I wish I’d proofread that
before I posted it …
The story of my life!

Boarders Without Borders


Born where we stand
Impermanent tenants
Just … like … boarders
Boarders without borders

Very confusing here
Up and down
Back and forth
Round and round
Oh for a way to get away

We are all refugees
All taking refuge
Consciously or not
Taking refuge
In some something

Do remember not all
Refuges are equal
As time in time reveals

Born where we stand
Impermanent tenants
Just … like … boarders
Boarders without borders

News Flash


A bitter taste
This current brew
Beneath which brews
Something quite other
Resembling a rumble
Of thunder in the distance
Borne on winds heading our way

Ahoy There! II


Children have a wisdom
That adults have lost

Adults have a wisdom
Children have yet to attain

May we never sail on blindly
Missing one another by miles

Halfway Home (42)


This may be the answer
It sounds good; it fits fine
All we have to do now
Find what the question is

Attack Of The Vapours


No worries … Let go
For life’s but an illusion
You dreamt long ago

How Do We Get Out Of This Mess?

“If you’re interested in or somewhat confused by the Yellow Vest Movement (YVM), do yourself and society a service by reading this article in its entirety.”

About the Yellow Vest Movement

Equally worthy of consideration, and equally unlikely to surface in the mainstream media is this:

The Fusion Doctrine

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