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This Gem

This gem is dedicated to my U.S. “followers”. (What an unfortunate term that is.) My thoughts are frequently with you in your plight.

At times I think satire is all that’s left. Other times I see it differently.

And there’s always poetry.


Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

“Would you like the escape the horrible reality of thinking your own thoughts? Me too. Learning to have your mind controlled is your key to escaping the hell of thinking for yourself.”

Practise What You Preach

A college professor of English sent the following to his students, who were training to become writers:

“Before releasing anything you produce into the world make sure that you carefully smell check it first.”

The Eyes Have It

Take a look around you. Now cover your right eye and look carefully at the scene or some specific object. Then cover your left eye and look carefully at it. You will notice that it appears a little different each time, though you may need to switch back and forth a few times before you appreciate this fully. It is apparent that what anything “is” depends on the point of view, and it makes no sense to assert that any particular view is “THE ONE AND ONLY TRUTH”.

If this is the case when we consider the two eyes in a single head, think what this implies when we start to consider all the eyes in all the different heads there are.

Of course some folk only have one eye, and some folk have poor sight or else their vision is distorted in some way, while other folk are completely blind. It would be foolish, surely, to argue with them about the “Truth”. Perhaps an approach to the question with a little more understanding and compassion might be appropriate.

What Would Carl G. Jung Say about Donald Trump?

Innovative approach to presenting the ideas discussed.

Group-think Doesn’t Just Happen

Please do remember this next time you’re watching “the news” and similar broadcasts. (If you still bother.) And it’s also pretty funny. 🙂

Lessons From George Orwell’s ‘1984’

This article is a companion to my recent post The Daily Grind.

Lessons from George Orwell’s ‘1984’

(For Beth, with love.)


That which cannot endure: Mab Segrest and the search for community in Trump’s first week

A powerful essay worthy of wider distribution. I can easily imagine it being published by the Guardian, for example.

I Plead Youth

This time last year I was wrestling with the works of writers such as Gayatri ­­­­­­Spivak, Audre Lorde and bell hooks who emphasised the failure of institutional feminism to represent women who weren’t white, middle class and heterosexual. As a student embarking on a project that looked at violations of women’s human rights – a topic that takes you deep into the cultures of underdeveloped nations and the colonial history of one’s own country – these were texts that filled me with anxiety. I was afraid of replicating the errors of my predecessors within the academy, of speaking for and over the oppressed women I sought to find justice for, and of reproducing the colonial power dynamics that I wanted to criticise.

At this moment of self-doubt (a crisis of confidence in my own ability to shed privilege and hear suffering in its own language), a tutor recommended a book…

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Read This While You’re Still Allowed To

Analyzing Mainstream News Anti-Logic


I Talk to the trees

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