Fellow Travellers: Shadorma


We’re always
Travelling alone
Merely serve
To distract us from what is

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. My heart goes out to you for when I read this I immediately felt a wave of sadness sweep over me. I wanted to respond immediately but time gave me a lengthy pause to consider exactly why this poem made me so sad.

    Coming back to it now, I feel I am so emotionally drained by this poem because I am on the opposite side of the spectrum with my beliefs.

    I consider myself on a solo path. I feel like a mystic/prophetess/seer (not exactly but painting a picture of what I envision myself as) who has a vision of another world that has yet to come to pass. My vision of what will come to be keeps me separated from nearly everyone that I cross paths with and yet never would I consider those I have crossed paths with to be a distraction.

    For the companionship and relationships that have peppered my life have been the very essence of my life itself. For it was those companions and closely held relationships that helped shaped me in the moment that I found myself in. Rounded me out and softened me up with love’s touch or hardened me and made me a little bitter with that taste of hate. Regardless of the direction the experience left me, these people were so much more than distractions.

    They were my guideposts along my life that kept pulling me forward when all I want to do is quit. They were my lifesavers and life preservers that made my storyline anything worth hearing about. Because in a story that is my life, if every moment is all about me – who would ever care to read that story?

    Isn’t life made better by the people we affect, by the lives we change with our presence, by the help we give, the generosity that we show, the love that we nurture? All these softer aspects highlight the true growth and exponential acceleration of the human spirit and psyche. Without companions on the path, how would we ever further develop these skills?

    Ultimately I believe that everyone is on a solo journey. But the question then becomes if everyone is on their own journey heading the same direction, couldn’t it be said that we are all on the same journey together, just with our own distinct path to follow to reach the end. The end of which we are all there together?

    Because aren’t we all in this together? Aren’t we all one? So if by fact we are one, in our separatedness we are still one as well, though the details may vary. Cyclical talking I can see as I read back my words, but in essence we are cyclical people and so I hope this registers positively with you.

    Much love to you as you make your way through this new day. I see you as my companion and I would never consider you a distraction. Rather you are an added bonus to my moment with every moment we get to share words.

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    • I am just now returning to posts from February that got buried under the new incoming while I had a few days away from WordPress. Fear not. 🙂 I have no difficulties understanding what you say about companionship.


  2. So true, Ben. A lesson we each must learn.
    (At the same time I like what Exploring Alura says about the word “distraction”.)

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  3. Many of us do travel alone most of the time. I think travel is more fun with a partner but most importantly, the right partner. Very cool poem!

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