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Life Doubled


These shaded feelings
Why did we not express them?
Words cannot describe

Light And Dark: Shadorma


In darkness
A light seeks us out
Throws a line
Lest we drown
Whilst most marvellous of all
‘Tis we who threw it



Not a word spoken
“Pick up flower, subtle smile”
Message clear enough

Remember Ever: Shadorma


A black night
With sky so heavy
Downcast too
Until I recall to mind
Starshine these clouds mask



Awakening she tosses her head
Sprays forth freshsprung nebulae
Flares her noviciate novae nostrils
Sweeps her imperial gaze: aghast
As if not yet aghast; as if galaxies
Her heart an ever opening book
The ever primal word … Selah




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. . . . this mutual collaboration.



While each one is responsible for his or her own destiny,
the union of the efforts of individuals of the same character
allows us to reach goals that are useful for the whole group,
which would remain inaccessible without this mutual collaboration.

Text & image source: The Day Without Tomorrow

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Among You We


We did not come here
To add to your burgeoning
But to comfort you
Chaste and rarely recognised
Quietly we came and went

Weavers We (A poem)


The past casts shadows over the present
Just as the present casts shadows over the future
Everything in the one tapestry is interwoven
The wise weaver will bear this fact in mind
And so avoid the trap of uncaring isolation

The Projectionists (a poem)


Unendingly we puzzle and wrestle
To make some kind of a sense of
This motley old world of ours

This mad higgledy-piggledy mishmash
Of ecstasy and misery, joy and pain
On-off light and dark, good and evil

Why oh why oh why, we wonder
Does whoever created such beauty
Permit also ugliness, such cruelty?

What stories and parables we devise
Telling of gods and devils locked tight
In pitched battle until we know not when

After some time looking into the case
Internally as well as beyond these eyes
Decided we see projection, in both senses

The dualistic dual played out in the world
Actually takes place within our own minds
No matter why we may find ourselves here

Ours is the awesome power and free will
That is our inheritance and our birthright
And also therefore ours the responsibility

Silt – A Poem by Michael A. Griffith

What goes up must come down
Embracing seems most graceful.
Besides what goes down must come up.

Vita Brevis

CaptureSubmitted by Michael A. Griffith

I am beginning to forget more than I care to remember.
Turn out the light and I may forget what is in the room.
I remember Batman and Robin wearing their underwear
on the outside and The Joker had a mustache.
Did I remember to change my underwear today?

I am wondering if I knew you or if I know you.
No, you: you there.
Faces, not names, come to mind.
And smells and sounds wash off decades of silt,
and some details come to the surface like dead fish.

I am ending. I go on ending. I go on worrying when
I can’t remember my way home.
Did you remember to call me like you said you would,
or am I remembering the last time you said you’d call me
and come take me home?

About the Poet

Michael A. Griffith lives in Hillsborough…

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