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Make America Again

Not to mention the woman. Hmmm.

Still a mighty poetic cry nevertheless.

Writing in Blood

Langston_Hughes_by_Carl_Van_Vechten_1936Langston Hughes, 1936. Photo by Carl van Vechten

July 4th, 2020

For the last 2 or more decades of my life, this day is a reminder to me, personally, of all America is not.

The other 364 days of the year, we unconsciously (or maybe we’re semi-aware based on our citizenship status) enjoy the many things America, our home, offers us. Especially if we compare our country to other nations that have even more injustice, political unrest, and violence against their citizenry within their borders.

I maintain this: until there is Justice for All, there is no justice.

Until institutionally-sanctioned violence of every kindis acknowledged, examined, addressed and redressed, always striving toward attaining the best possible equity at every end of the spectrum for the individuals who make up our society, then our society, as a whole, will never know freedom or peace.

Below, a poem by Langston…

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The Process Of Freedom: Quatrain


Which are the thoughts that free you?
And which are those imprisoning you?
Which ones devour your waking hours?
And which new ones are you eating?

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

The germ for this can be found at Freedom – A Condition Of The Human heart.

Borderline: Senryu


What is this border
Between your dream and real life
But a real life dream?

News Speak: Shadorma


You follow
Mainstream narrative
The truth speaks
For itself
But you simply don’t listen
And dig your own grave

Shadow: Quatrain


He became her lover
She became his love
The brighter the light
The blacker the darkness

All Together Now: Senryu


There’d be no rainbow
Except for all the colours
Sharing its beauty


Circle Dance. 😀

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Endoscopy opens to a hush, closes to applause
Dramatis personÕ stride and snivel in between
While the playwright owns up as simply the you
In disguise and of course vice versa – All change!
Newton, Einstein, Erwin and his imaginary cat
A different sounding at each fresh embouchure

Bringing light, demolishing the old – All change!
Revolution on revolution yet nothing changes
Ancient foolishnesses replayed ad nauseam
Minotaurs and dinosaurs strut the halls of power
External, internal weapons of mass distraction

Eternal, essential the pulse the pulse the pulse
Distorted persists, breathes through every pore
Where would we be without our surroundings?
In a flash flood, a roar and a blaze of lightning
The walls of the citadel quiver and fall – All change!
As Alice tiptoes lightly through her looking glass

Boundless waters surround us as above so below
Rivers linger not and carry our bread away
A true…

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Empathy: Senryu


I think I hear you
Let us listen together
See what we can learn

Reassessment : Senryu


Everything scared me
With a slight readjustment
Now all is sacred

2020 Full Stop: Shadorma


Look around
No carrots, no sticks
All the chocks
Pulled away
Down time can become dream time
Up to us right now

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