Solitary, ashen
Hollow footsteps echo
Across the great hall
Absent any like-minded

Outside in the glare
A multitude in sackcloth
Sheep and cattle tethered

We see in it greatness gone
And the lesser come upon us

A market place
A slaughterhouse
A gaming house
A gaudy brothel

A mortuary
A graveyard

A withered stump

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. “Just as 9/11 was a portal into a number of interconnected agendas, including ramped up surveillance of citizens as well as a now tattered and contested rationale for a continued invasion of Middle Eastern countries, the coronavirus pandemic paves the way for enhanced surveillance of the US populace and more.

    Much, much more.

    As presently configured, the coronavirus is a bit of a dud, all hype put aside for the moment. A mortality rate of .1-.2 % does not warrant the controlled hysteria that we are daily inflicted with by our leaders and the press.

    But if the virus were announced to be mutating…..Then, the portal provided by a massive “public health emergency” might just swing wide open.

    And now, we are indeed being informed that the virus is mutating. A recent report by the BBC, entitled Coronavirus: Are mutations making it more infectious? announced that scientists have documented “thousands” of Covid-19 mutations.

    The article goes on to declare that only one of these mutations has been flagged by researchers as of concern (the question as to the potential effects of all the other mutations and how the scientists discarded them as irrelevant goes unanswered). The article explores whether or not this mutation, named D614G, may make the virus more lethal.

    At the same time that the BBC article, signaling a shift in the technocrats’ narrative about the nature and possible lethality of Covid-19, hit the wires, a video is now circulating of a desperately ill woman in Tennessee who claims she has been infected with a coronavirus mutation. Gasping for breath as her eyes cloud with blood, the woman states that she worked in a hospital and was apparently infected at her work-place. She also states that the CDC has acknowledged the existence of six mutations in the coronavirus.

    It is just such mutations which will advance the virus narrative in its doomsday march. It has been clear for many years now that a world-shaking pandemic was expected. In order for the pandemic to have the political effect that such a portal event enables, the population must be induced to proceed in a manner which ensures that the potential is manifested. What this means, in a nutshell, is that the population must be triggered to accept protocols which are the “natural” and “inevitable” result of the pandemic. These would comprise accepting a quarantine status and further “treatments,” such as a vaccine.”


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  2. So sad there are no other opinions here dear Ben…. Agreed… A severe flu has generated more deaths.. Malaria generates more deaths.. Starvation also.. if one takes the time to research add the figures and do their homework which you obviously have Ben..
    Flu each season mutates.. They will have to throw something more into the mix my friend as what was planned is not panning out in their favour as hoped..

    Germany today did a Mass March.. calling it The Day of Freedom march as they protest about the CV… The ordinary people See , Luckily their march was not infiltrated by paid protesters to cause riots.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-53622797

    This has been I have to give it to the DS a well orchestrated global take over of minds through fear and control… Where obedience is to create the illusion we are keeping each other safe..

    The idea being those who do not conform are snitched upon and made to feel they are putting others at risk..

    Great Poem Ben.. Loved it all but these lines so true

    Outside in the glare
    A multitude in sackcloth
    Sheep and cattle tethered

    Love and Blessings Ben.. Hold on for the next wave on the roller coaster.. ❤

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