The Third Estate


An open heart and mind
Are always good
A fully functioning shit-detector
Can often come in handy too
In my humble experience

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. All very, very true. 🙂

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  2. This makes me giggle. “A fully functioning shit-detector”.

    I think mine may be broken. I’m always detecting shit and it’s always setting me off in some different direction. In a world full of shittiness I’m finding an improperly functioning shit-detector to be quite the problem.

    Unless, what if our shit-detector was made to help other people catch a whiff of their own stink? And so we are bound to be set off so we may enlighten the stink a little.

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    • It may be a good idea to examine and fix one’s detector before we start on anyone else’s. Otherwise we generally end up making things worse for both of us, don’t you think? That’s definitely been my experience. A work in progress. 🙂

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      • I like that. A lot. A shit detector problem you keep to yourself. You are right that more problems are caused by bringing shit to light that might be better left unsaid.

        It would certainly make the world a better place to exist in. Everyone detecting shit but not making shit a problem for others.

        I love the idea of being a continual work in progress. That better is never best because there’s always something worth improving.

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      • “there’s always something worth improving.”

        Yes, even when we’re at our blackest and bleakest and we don’t believe it (temporarily 🙂 ),


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