Lost In Thought


weaves in and out of mystery
you make stuff up




an interesting cast
on stage
it was



………………a merging of dualities

half listening
thinking about something else
wisdom was suggesting

not do that

………pay attention

……………………….yes it’s awareness

I wonder …
5. An Accidental Awakening - highlighted


– This blackout poem was extracted, with permission, from Linda George’s article “An Accidental Awakening “.

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. i’m lost
    i’m found
    and again 🙂

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  2. This looks like fun to do…….if I knew how to do it. 😦

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      1. Make a link to the source of the passage of prose you want to use as the basis of your poem.(FILE 1)

      2. Paste this passage of prose into a word processor. Highlight the words you want to use in your poem with a standout colour. (e.g. Pink or green.) Save as “Source” – highlighted. (FILE 2)

      3. Make a PDF copy for the permission e-mail. (FILE 3)

      4. Copy and paste a second copy. In this second copy delete all the unwanted material. Without changing their order, rearrange the remaining words into the lines and stanzas you want, then remove all the highlighting. Add a title (if you want to give your poem one) and the date (if you want to remember in the future when you wrote it). Then save. (FILE 6) You will be pasting this as the text of your post.

      5. Copy and paste a fresh copy of File 2. In this copy highlight in black everything you want to “black out”. Save as “Blackout for xxx”. (FILE 4) This blackout copy needs to be used to produce the jpg file that you will upload as an image in your post. (If you ever want to check out the full text, select all and change font colour to white.)

      6. Maximise your word processor window, then scroll your blackout copy until it is as large as possible without losing any of it, then use the Snipping Tool to make a jpg of your blackout copy. Maintaining the aspect ratio, resize the image to a width of 400 pixels, using Paint or any other software that will perform such a task. Save as FILE 5.

      7. If working from another WordPress site (although you can use any passage of prose. I have also used books and articles.) contact the original writer to seek their permission to post your poem, sending them a copy of it and attaching the process (File 2).so they can see what you did with their prose.

      Suggested format:

      Dear ???

      I have extracted a blackout poem from your post, “???”. The poem is shown below. The extraction process is shown in the attached file. I am writing to seek your permission to publish “???” on my your site (link to your site own).


      Best wishes



      1. A shortcut to the original text.
      2. A highlighted version in WordPerfect. (For making the poem and a PDF version, then the blackout version.)
      3. A PDF highlighted version. (For the permission e-mail.)
      4. A blackout version. (For making the jpg version) TO KEEP
      5. A jpg of the blackout version.
      6. The poem. TO KEEP

      If anything still isn’t clear e-mail me and I’ll clarify. Good luck. 🙂


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