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Waving to weavers
While weaving while wondering
Why weave and why why
While weaving while wandering
Wondering, weaving, waving


This is dedicated to all readers who are also writers, and especially those who may be called – by themselves or by others – poets.

Een Andere Wereld


The light fantastic
Trip toed and healed in place while
The surrounding whirled


“Another World” (Dutch). See M C Escher’s “Andere Wereld” at

All wordplay intentional. Just to point to a few. The rest are up to you. 🙂

How To Be Alone

With her gracious permission, I am reposting here a wonderful poem/video from her great site IN WONDERLAND. Miss Audrey is, in my opinion, always worth following.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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