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The Me In Meaning (8b)


Always seemed
Fairly subjective
What passes
For meaning
How and where we go seeking
Has its influence


Shadorma November

Growth (4a)


In our youth
We would give ourselves
We admit
Only partially awake
Yet there’s more to it

For later
As we grew wiser
We became
Let us be loved yet also
Explore our own core


Shadorma November

Born To Lose


Try as we may we shall
Understand but a small
Portion of this Being
That which we embody

In Essence


Nothing’s black or white;
‘t’s all mixed up. Nothing changes;
Just the skin colour.

Ships Passing


I dreamt I could tell
My tale and be understood
But then I awoke

Impasto Imposter


(For shame: further unwarranted symbolisms)

The page has not – not – loaded completely
Something went wrong – went wrong – went wrong

Wiring went wrong – Went AWOL – Went haywire – Rewire

Digital – Digitail – Digitool – Digitall – Digitalis

Intent – Intention – Unintention – Unintended

I Robot – I Roboot – I Reboot – I Reboot – I Reboot

Recovering no now nor now nor neither truth
Nor whatever else once or twice passed for truth

Back then, back there, back in the day
Back it up – Backpack it – Pack it in

Back then back when we postured as one
As one posing as posing as posed as one

As apposite – Or as in opposition
Or as apposite as possible

Or as I – As I – Let’s admit it
As I – uninvited – scammed

(For shame: further unwarranted symbolisms)



Flowers I love for
They leave me be

So sing me to sleep then
Then sing me awake again
O sing me to death and back

Before sheepishly I cry wolf
Both before and then after
Bayed, bays, bays and shall bay

“Have you splayed and displayed?”*

Lately lapsed warden strayed
Way far beyond the garden fence
Among the shadows in the wood
Took an unexpected turning
Somewhere down the line

Washed up hereabouts drowning
Within my own drying bones
While the near by is far awry

Empty of troths
Truths opinions
Until one lone day
Alone no more
No less

Retired to lick my wounds

Noli me tangere
No mean danger
No bedroom headroom

Collidoscope† collapsing
Time to fight my own fight
Overstand the web of soul

For flowers I love for
They leave me be


* “For those of you who live elsewhere “Have you paid and displayed?” is a common sign in English car parks, referring to purchasing a ticket from a machine on arrival that needs sticking on your windscreen to cover a specific time period.” (

† Apart for the obvious wordplay please visit and digest and Thank you.

Because Of The Rhymes


Like the Doctor says,
“Poetry, physics, same thing.”
Who’m I to argue?

The Art Of Erasure


Tried to make statements
The more we perfected it
The more we said less



A story or two
They’d tell out
These folded fingers
If gifted a fresh blush of
Lips, palate, tongue

A blessing this perhaps
Or rather more a curse
Or better still the both
A confession, an absolution
Each sat astride its mirror

Hubris swallowed, spat out
These crablike fingers
Clutching at straws
While nearby a camel
Patiently awaits a breaking

Oh, what a story
They would spill
Then two then three
Then four than five
These mottled fingers

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