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Liber and Libera toast to binary

Spinning dials click into place … Hey Presto!
Check the files within the hidden folders
A crossing of fingers, of tracks … and fade …
Wholesome, essential … so to one’s taste
Hmmm … Wonder what’s coming next?

Liber and Libera toast to binary

Caught sight out the window it’s 1567
Another space domain, same time line
Three witches ride wild in the storm tide
Young Will three years old bard-to-be
Whisper magic words, gift a golden pen

Liber and Libera toast to binary

Miss and Mister Mystery sniff the
Exploding salt tang of liberation
And so achieve the desired intent
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Two-way eyelids’ mysterious presence

Liber and Libera toast to binary

Spin, little ones, spin away
Never mind all this toxic MSM
Perspective management yabber
My God, what an unholy carry-on!
Let’s concoct some of our own

Liber and Libera toast to binary

Chantilly shanties
Rich dark leafy greens
Forward, comrades!
In the morning …

Cut To The Quick


True love has no truck
With niceties and fripperies
Such as time and space

Cheep Talk


Talk is cheap
Talk is common
Chitchatting away
Of this and that
Speaks of sunsets
Of suns going down
When it’s backs turning
Obeying a planetary spin
I’ll use plurals here
As each of us
Has a sun

We madmen
Madwomen we
In our hidden hearts
Live in our own dreamtimes
Encircling our own central axis
Round which this outer earth and sun
(With a moon as a loony sidekick)
From birth to death revolve

In truth the sun never sets
Nor does the earth
For that matter
Simply spins
And spins

Metamorphic metaphor
Cloaking the untaught truth
It doesn’t matter if you don’t mind
Take a break for a moment and pause
At the crux – the axis – of all of this and that
Here-I-am & now-is-now & I-am-I & this-is-it
Now where is our next breath coming from?
How do we know that? Actually we don’t
We are an incomprehensible miracle
Given the grace of time to seek
While stars and planets spin

Dragon Lines


For Shawn

I here I hear I
Alone and yet

One irie radiation
Upfully portentous

Dragons and nagas draw
From a common energy source

And their individual minds network
Within and beyond one time and space



Awakening she tosses her head
Sprays forth freshsprung nebulae
Flares her noviciate novae nostrils
Sweeps her imperial gaze: aghast
As if not yet aghast; as if galaxies
Her heart an ever opening book
The ever primal word … Selah




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Paradigm Paradox


Up where we truly live
Time and space are phantoms
What we do; what we say
Already history

Chan (23a)


Night and day
The sun and the moon
Space and time
Black and white
The dog barks, the cat miaows
What a performance!


Shadorma November

Pour Me A Stiff One


Black cocktail shaker
Timespace is shaken then stirred
It’s all in the mind

En Garde


In grape-lipped integrity admit to as having
Explored, endeavoured, endeared, endured as
I am I and I and I and I and I … ad infinitum
Meanwhile back at home no one at home


Then prithee tell them out: ten
Then haply ten by ten thousand
Then haply ten thousand thousand
Then ten thousand thousand thousand


In grape-lipped integrity admit to as having
Explored, endeavoured, endeared, endured as
I am I and I and I and I and I … ad infinitum
Meanwhile back at home no one at home

Yet fully engaged

Relativity II


Hurtling down the track
Sat here in this racing train
I seem to be still

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