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Not So Smart Then After All.

“Technology itself is a tool that is neither inherently good nor bad, but technology without wisdom is weaponised stupidity.”

– Sergey Baranov.


Dire Legacy


Clearly then no one is here now
‘cept for I to be here as if for you

As if in need of a handy whipping boy
(Work with me here, work with me)

To go tick all the proffered boxes
Catch a breath and run like hell

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

Happy 2019 everyone! 🙂

WhatsApp Addiction


Let us smile together then
As introvert to introvert
Observing all these others
Shake our heads in unison

Send forth wave on wave
Of compassion – if not quite
Waves of understanding
The latter being beyond us

Noting too that they saw fit
To castrate the apostrophe!!!
Arrogance? Guilty as charged
At least we’re working on it


 You are invited to draw your own conclusions.



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