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Old Lovers: Four By Six


That curious rhythm
Stitched us to its branchings
Caught up in its weaving
Gladly surrendering

Goin’ Home


You have your keyboard with you
plus I see you brought your keys along too.
As for me: I have as you see brought my horn along.

No bass required to intervene, as agreed. Too basing.
No superfluous traps either. A binding promise.
Let’s go play the blues then. Melt into one another’s I’s

Country sounds good (when using ears rather than eyes)
while delta seems inviting also. Finger style?
I’m more than willing if that’s your choice.

Twelve bar, sixteen bar, thirty-two bar if you like.
Muddy water. Let’s dive in and search for a pearl.
Fare thee well. Forever. See you on that other shore.


Coupling And Decoupling


Power she had in mind, in body too
He also had his power, duly exerted
And weaknesses (carefully disguised)

They once so hip, but now replaced
Following their gradual disrobement
As together all’s well that ends well



Relax, tread water
Let the moment trickle on
Dripping surprises

The Search For Another


I have ventured beyond your eyes
As you, fearlessly, beyond mine … So …

Let us travel then … Out to the edge and beyond
Odzooks! … Odzounds! … Odd sounds gone a-swirl

Till surrounding all that remains remains but a loan alone
And now reminder me … What were we doing a moment ago?

… doing? … saying?… thinking? … dreaming? … and so on …
Gone, gone, gone … Adrift among the ravenous next


“There was an extremely pathetic side to the surrender of these mighty fliers, the result of an age-old custom which demanded that surrender should be signalised by the voluntary plunging to earth of the commander of the vanquished vessel.”

– Edgar Rice Burroughs (In “A Princess Of Mars”.)

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