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Madly In Love (Repost)


Her life redrawn as a comic strip … sans comedy.
No longer that dynamic duo. Batteries flat.
Bats in the belfry, robbin’ bewildered senses blind.
And … adrift might best describe it. Hooked, blind and snookered.

…..(He is the one?)

Even lying beside her, not truly here, he lies
oceans away, behind cold fronts, lines of icy bars,
biting winds, squalls of temper, hurricanes of contempt.
Comforts herself with poetry and sweet memories

…..(He is the one!)

that turn to nightmares where he’s drowning, calling her name.
Then she is there, reviving him (mouth to mouth, of course).
Waking to find him gone she recaulks her leaky fancies,
sets her sails for yet another day tacking upwind.

…..(He is the one!)

Eschewing havens, but never her hope, she soldiers on,
soiled sails reduced to tatters, she rows from pole to pole,
trawls the seven seas. Her treasure? Nowhere to be seen.
He has unfurled his true colours: the skull and crossbones.

…..(He is the gone.)



Shake your brother awake
If he is still asleep

And if your sister is still asleep
Then waken her more gently

For her’s is not a dream
But a foul nightmare

Blessed Release


One day it will arrive
The card I’ve been waiting for
“Get Out of Jail Free”

Troubled Waters


So many floundering people
Drowning in this rushing river
With half an eye one can’t miss it

Whether standing on the bank
Or down there in the water yourself
And maybe even floundering too?

Seems there are two main reactions
To ignore, avoid, blame (from fear?)
Or to help out from a sense of kinship

Now I’m tempted to go all political here
But some call it a fire across the river
Something of no concern of theirs

While others find their hearts moved
Make every effort they can muster
To save these lost drowning souls

But thinking outside the lockdown
Might there not be a third option?
(If it’s not too dangerously radical)

Rather than trying to rescue them
Mouth to mouth over and over
Might it not be more constructive

To travel upstream and discover
What it was got them – and us – all
Into this situation in the first place?

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