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Disgusting: Four By Six


You call it disgusting
But was it disgusting
Up until the moment
You called it disgusting?

The Mating Game: Senryu


They drew their pictures
And once so armed sallied forth

Absurdism: Shadorma


We have dreams
And so we dream life
Where we dream
Of a life
In which we draw a fine line
And then erase it

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

* “In philosophy, “the Absurd” refers to the conflict between the human tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life and the human inability to find any in a purposeless, meaningless or chaotic and irrational universe. The universe and the human mind do not each separately cause the Absurd, but rather, the Absurd arises by the contradictory nature of the two existing simultaneously.

As a philosophy, absurdism furthermore explores the fundamental nature of the Absurd and how individuals, once becoming conscious of the Absurd, should respond to it. The absurdist philosopher Albert Camus stated that individuals should embrace the absurd condition of human existence while also defiantly continuing to explore and search for meaning.”

Poetry n Motion


This planet we stand on
Hurtling through space
With its wobbly spin …
We’re almost oblivious

Enough so to proclaim
That we can stand still

We surrender to motion
Car, bus, plane or boat
Forgetting after a while
That we’re moving at all

Until some sudden jerk
Serves as if to remind us



Standing in the moment.
Was it the world moving?
The planet revolving?
Stillness an illusion?

Relativity II


Hurtling down the track
Sat here in this racing train
I seem to be still



Time, like love

(The terrestrial kind
That is)

Is purely subjective



Thanks to you, friends and family
Here we are, here we are, here we are
Thanks to drip-fed and pummelling media
To countless bosom friends and enemies
Subtly confronting front and centre
Day to day life turning into Life

This is this then, this then
And this is the thought that thought it
And this is the thought that thought it thought it
And this is the thought that thought that thought it thought it
And this is the thought that thought that thought it thought it thought it
And so forth and so on und so weiter und so weiter und so weiter …

So this is this then
Or is it then that?
(A this-ing cocreating
Inevitably a that-ing)
A pox upon any that
This is this is this

Tish then
Says the well brought up dyslexic
While her foul-mouthed sister
Has her own version
Maybe closer to
What is

For who shall say?

And by the way
Is it now yet?



Guess we have what we have
Or at least what we see

Maybe working
On how we see
Is the key?

Your True Love


Just a diversion
An image you created
And then trapped them in
Until they were forgotten
Then their passing, and then yours

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