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Good Friday, 2019



( … 18 … 17 … 16 … )

Hardly a cloud in the sky
No need for this jacket
I discover too late

A tiny discomfort
In the scheme of things
Dwarfed by Spring’s bounty
Overall not a bad day after all

A good day for a crucifixion
Despite all the discomfort
Faith, hope and patience
All’s well that ends well

After all

After all

Spring Messengers


Daffodils whisper
Quietly beneath the wind
Who will hear their voice?

Spring Fragrance


Blooms proliferate
Fresh threads join the timeless web
Reseeding itself

Flight Of Fancy


I met you in the dappled Springtime
Radiant with blossom and birdsong
Ah yes – But time flies like the wind

We courted through dancing Summer
A passion that fair spanned the skies
Ah yes – But time flies like the wind

Ripening Autumn brought composure
And a deep resounding companionship
Ah yes – But time flies like the wind

And what shall I say of bleak Winter?
Chill reminder that all things must pass
Remember – Time flies like the wind

Remember – While hope springs eternal
Still our dreams will remain mañanas
And fruit flies … They like bananas



Deep breath …
And …
Dive …

Cue: Fish
Swimming along alone
Unwittingly … Alarmingly … Lost
In some pea soup or other
Cue: Foghorns

(Cue: Definition
“Anything said or done
On or off stage, that is followed
By some specific line or act”)

Cue: Some moment designated: LOVE
Containing its own built-in distress
Statutory though … So no blame then
And with also some kind of kindness
Inserted just to be on the safe side
As Spring springs to life past Winter
Hmmm … Seems time to learn to listen to learn from Nature

As seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, whole lives
Slip by missed since busy spent seeking top marks
Spent forging on from nought to zero and back
For where’s the harm? Where’s the harm?
After all, after all, what’s zero after all
But the ground from whence all …

Hearts grow cold, a cold unnoticed
Hearts go to seed, to lockstep
Lockstep, lockstep, lockstep
From here and now to eternity
Nowhere now forever forever
Unnoticing the Eternity
Already here

Drowning in a homegrown madhouse
TVnRADIO busy busy busy working
Busy bent normalising the unforgivable
Exuding daily an utter absence of gorm
So good to have a friend though
Even if it is kind of imaginary

Children knew what those are all about
Before some way or another forgetting
Alas a loss alas a loss alas a loss
Brightness of eye now bedimmed yet body
Not yet quite hunted to extinction
Has and retains a mind of its own

Descended from apes
… Just not very far
… And not always in the right direction
Sheep bleat, mumble
“Don’t push at the back there”
An immodest silence
Opens and closes

Stuck fast twixt yes or no, cheese or chalk
Meaninglywhile preferring another option
A timeless walleyed stare into the abyss
Doomed to this personal threshold

Deep breath …
And …
Dive …


This was written as a contribution to The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt No. 58.




Flying in couples
Ten crows silently trumpet
Spring is in the air



This wintry scenescape
Darkness and lightness abound
As for tommorow
Spring, summer, autumn for sure
As for their contents who knows?

Seasoned Just So


Spring waters flow forth
Now after Now after Now
Summer, Autumn, Wint…

Spring Chorus


So many voices
Naturally singing true
Feeding fresh fledgling

Time’s Up


As Spring advances
The buds open their petals
For now it is time

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