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The Plan


One thousand golden days
Ten thousand sparkling thoughts
Spread out here before us
At least that was the plan

Ode To Hela


Spectral poet days past and buried in the mud,
Dramasis III, Prince of Ancient Egypt,
Priest of Thoth, Devourer of the Crypt,
Floats silent unmarked rivers of blood.

Ripped down the curtains in the time of flood
In a frenzy, as flamenco pangs of separation gripped;
Repetition winging homeward as the bark was stripped:
The death of each treasure producing a new bud.

Slowly now he floats, the tide is sure;
Time’s destruction indestructibly pure;
Now is the step from your last to your first breath.

Open-handed she came, lost-legged she went,
Back to the sundered land from whence she was sent;
Hela, the Green Queen, Goddess of Death.

* Hela is a fictional character, the Asgardian goddess of death in the Marvel Comics universe, based loosely on the Norse myths of the goddess Hel.

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