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Step Up


As with everything
Nothing magical happens
It is up to us



We are not always
Comfortable (yet, at least)
With our new wisdom

A Positive Mental Attitude


I performed badly
Good! That makes it easier
For me to improve

Where’s Molly


Nought and sixty
Journeys round the sun
A well earned retirement yawned

But ever resolute and determined
…..(While behind her back
…..The usual poltronas whispered
…..Words like “stubborn” or “obstinate”)
And presumably wishing to remain
In the best of good fettle

Announced her intention
To walk ten miles
Each and every day
And, as good as her word
She then walked her talk
Setting off the next day

And the next
And the next
And so on and so on
And so now of course
No one has the first idea
Of where she might be

(Except of course Molly)


“Poltrona – lazy woman, indolent woman”. (Wiktionary)

Forging Ahead


Slipped, falling back on the already known
Shake me awake, my dearest, please do
In quest of attention and intention
I am content at times, but it passes

The Kilgore Trout Manoeuvre


Would sometimes be found
Shaking his head at the clock and scowling
Said: “Logic is a tool
Not a home address”

Called himself a psychologist
Said he was conducting experiments
Said: “Luther said every person is their own priest
And by God if they aren’t their own psychologist too!”

Read Burroughs and Dick; said they really spoke to him
Lucky he didn’t end up on a Section
Said: “The wise use their power gently
And strive in secret to improve their character”

Kilgore Trout is a fictional author who appears in several Kurt Vonnegut novels, where a number of his plots are briefly described. (Check the internet for more details.) This device allows Vonnegut to (a) write things while disclaiming authorship of them (though the disclaimer is clearly flimsy) and (b) communicate some big ideas in a few sentences rather then having to write a complete story/novel each time.

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