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The Misdirection


There is what we knew
And there is what we were taught
They are not the same

Roll Up, Roll Up, The Circus Is In Town


Deafening election ballyhoo
A further relapse into insanity
Louder, louder, worse and worse
The lies … The misdirection

Like the two sides
Of the same bad coin
Turning up over and over
Heads I win, tails you lose

Like a rancid smell
In the soggy walls
And rotting floorboards
Of the Off-white House

Don’t flatter yourself
You have no real value
To the puppet masters
Who possess you

As they have none to you
The dupes who ticked your box
They’re used to tests from school
This one’s a gullibility test


This is a (rather late) response to a writing prompt.

Weekly Word Prompt # 4

Upon The Shoulders Of Giants


Sweet juicy jazzy jackanapes
Crusading king of Fairy Hill
Immortal motley troubadour
Breezed into town with time to kill
To put the free back in free fall
Peal forth the vow in disavow
Ah, but I was so much Adler then
I’m Junger than that now

TV sophists spewed skewered truth
Cut Ethos, Pathos, Logos dead
No musketeering buccaneers
But lame tame talking heads instead
With propaganda for proper geese
He cackled at their sacred cow
Ah, but I was so much Adler then
I’m Junger than that now

Provincial ham let figments strut
While stuttering beneath his breath
“Wh-wherefore art thou Juliet?”
His sad performance died the death
Outrageous fortune took the blame
While it was she who took the bow
Ah, but I was so much Adler then
I’m Junger than that now

Soon leery learned the golden rule
In prison’s schoolyard hide and seek
Found respite from the siren call
Played truantly eight days a week
With John and Paul, and Pete, and Bob
Unlatched the lightning bolt of Tao
Ah, but I was so much Adler then
I’m Junger than that now

Embraced the peaceful warrior’s way
Through battlefields of poison dust
Explaining to the deaf and blind
“In heinous blasphemy you trust
Cool off your mumbo jumbo jets
‘Thou shalt not kill’ and that means thou”
Ah, but I was so much Adler then
I’m Junger than that now

With righteous anger, sanctioned style
Refusal to be compromised
By inchworms who would take a mile
Their dress sense, world view, he despised
“Stomp out the unacceptable!”
His motto and so solemn vow
Ah, but I was so much Adler then
I’m Junger than that now

Still A Lot To Learn


After years in its jails
I suggest that education
Be no longer obligatory

(Thinking through why
A refusal of compliance
Invites legal penalties

Raises some less than
Altogether comfortable
Questions, by the way)

There’d still be schools
But children expected
Not to go unless they

Found it worthwhile
Useful, even – God
Forbid – enjoyable

And teachers’ salaries
Based on attendance
True pupil power at last

“To This Day” Project

“To This Day” Project

A friend sent me this, because she thought “all good poems seem to find their way to your blog eventually”. Hmmm, I’m afraid I should need to be a Methuselah to make that become true. 😛 Anyway, this is one of them that made it. I know it takes 7½ minutes to watch, but it is time well spent, I believe. I can think of several regular readers of “Ben Naga” who will love it.

Afternoon Nap


She slips him a note.
“Behind the bike shed, half past four.”
Seven words, a heart.
His own skips a beat and … Damn!
He wakes before the good bit.

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