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Reassessment : Senryu


Everything scared me
With a slight readjustment
Now all is sacred

Two Roads


While Teaching
Is a sacred calling

An opening
An awakening
An endless blessing

This (Mis)education
Better called Schooling

Is demonic
Is a lifelong blight
Is a shackle and a curse

Standing Rock


I have a struggle
In comprehending those

Who are using rubber bullets and tear gas
On these unarmed and peaceful protesters

How far they have lost their way
Since their birth as innocents

I wonder what lives they have endured
To have them land up in this dismal situation

Still, you do get a kind of identity
And the uniform and weapons come free

The Power Of Words


To know
That a tomato
Is a fruit
Is knowledge
(q.v. Miles Kington)

To know not to
Put it in
Your fruit salad
Is wisdom
(q.v. ibid)

To believe
That a tornado
Is a fruit
Or put one in your fruit salad
Is (what they call) madness

And yet
We do similar every day
Confusing “sacred space”
With “scared space”
Being but one common exemplar

All Life Is Sacred

I don’t think the sacredness of life (or anyway what that set of sounds means to me) is something I would even bother debating …

Self evident!

But then me, I’m moved to tears every time by Ani DiFranco singing “The Atom” on the official bootleg in Rome, so perhaps I’m just a soft touch?

However this viewpoint does not provide me with an answer to “is abortion a good or bad/acceptable or ‘sinful’ thing”. Nor do I expect it to. For sure if you try and get the experience of “sacredness” – which is essentially an emotional one – to stand duty in the realm of strict logic and deduction, and start providing you with clearcut answers to moral, ethical and behavioural questions it will lead you into the swamp of absurdity in short order. Q.E.D.

On the other hand, I personally find bearing a strong sense of the sacred with me whenever I can provides just the kind of illumination and guidance that helps me negotiate the swamp without losing my way. (Well not too often anyway. 🙂 )

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