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Children Of The Understanding Heart

“Everything begins from the source: I am. The power for change begins and ends with us, the individual – not from the hand of a minority elite. The individual has to live within the heart of humanity, as will humanity ever exist within the heart of each person. The question of responsibility is to resist the forces of dehumanization. To defy the forces that place us as anonymous numbers within algorithms. The responsibility is to grow into our humanhood – and to become the humanity that has always awaited us. A humanity within each individual – an individual within our humanity. I am because We are.”

This is a quotation from Kingsley L. Dennis’ article Questions Of Our Time – A Time For Personal Responsibility?

Please do take the time to read, ponder and digest the whole article. Thank you. 🙂

Birds Of A Feather: Shadorma

“The Eagle and the Condor prophecy of the Amazon speaks of human societies splitting into two paths – that of the Eagle, and that of the Condor. The path of the Condor is the path of heart, of intuition, and of the feminine. The path of the Eagle is the path of the mind, of the industrial, and of the masculine.

The Eagle and Condor prophecy says that the 1490s would begin a 500 year period during which the Eagle people would become so powerful that they would virtually drive the Condor people out of existence. This can be seen in the conquering of the Americas and the killing and oppressing of the indigenous peoples in the subsequent 500 years – up to and including today.

The prophecy says that during the next 500-year period, beginning in 1990, the potential would arise for the Eagle and the Condor to come together, to fly in the same sky, and to create a new level of consciousness for humanity. The prophecy only speaks of the potential, so it’s up to us to activate this potential and ensure that a new consciousness is allowed to arise.

The Eagle And The Condor prophecy.


See eagles
Stuck at loggerheads
While up above the condor
Surveys … no comment



I don’t know what I’m doing
But I’ll do it anyway

This seems sensible
But I’ll do it anyway

This seems stupid
But I’ll do it anyway

I don’t know what I’m doing
But I’ll do it anyway

Where Can I Complain?


Oh for the writer
To conjure up
Some other

But soft
What news?

A discovering
Within the glass
Behind the dramaturge

The true playwright
Turns out to be

None other than

Time’s come
To take the reins
And some responsibility
For time’s come

The Projectionists (a poem)


Unendingly we puzzle and wrestle
To make some kind of a sense of
This motley old world of ours

This mad higgledy-piggledy mishmash
Of ecstasy and misery, joy and pain
On-off light and dark, good and evil

Why oh why oh why, we wonder
Does whoever created such beauty
Permit also ugliness, such cruelty?

What stories and parables we devise
Telling of gods and devils locked tight
In pitched battle until we know not when

After some time looking into the case
Internally as well as beyond these eyes
Decided we see projection, in both senses

The dualistic dual played out in the world
Actually takes place within our own minds
No matter why we may find ourselves here

Ours is the awesome power and free will
That is our inheritance and our birthright
And also therefore ours the responsibility

No Victims Here (17a)


Never mind
The finger-pointing
At others
Take responsibility
Take charge, take the wheel


Shadorma November

Election Time


Back home
We get the big picture
Yes, yes
All cogs in a wheel
But exiled down here
Torn to pick sides

When push comes to shove
Comes time to choose
Self or other?
Greed or comradeship?
Trust or terror?
Clarity enwrapped in mist

The right
Is in the wrong
The left
Is all that’s left
And often
A poor do at that

Left right, left right
Up, down, up down
Round and round
And round and round
And here we are again
And here we go again



Walking this landscape
I love trees effortlessly
People … Not so much
Whence is the cause – them or me?
I own up – The buck stops here

An Odd Coincidence


R E P starts both
Republican and reptile
Just saying that’s all
We don’t create destiny
Just observe its unfolding



Seeing, listening
The rest is superfluous
Seeing, listening
Imaginary judges
Responsible for them all

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