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An Odd Coincidence


R E P starts both
Republican and reptile
Just saying that’s all
We don’t create destiny
Just observe its unfolding

Lost In Nomad’s Land


Pondering in the uneasy peace
What her need to argue meant

Eyes slowly drawn meanwhile
To the jewel of her umbilicus
Set in the golden desert of her belly

I scry with my little eye into hers
No dice … Impassive as the squint
Of a Touareg’s gaze in the midday dazzle

Fingers crossed I assay a navel salute
Then lick a risky route southward

To the palm fringed oasis whose well
Offers the shared sweet water of life
Promise of a truce and reconciliation


This is a “Three Word Wednesday” contribution. (

Seed words: “Argue”, “Lick”, “Squint”.



A precious memory …

Now let it go.

Open Hand


Awakening from wherever
Whoever no longer lingers

Upon awakening she hears
Two softly spoken words

“Open hand”

Are these the shiny keys
To ease free this log jam of fear

Pick a pathway through this pickle
Compromise without vile compromise

Undo the knotty knots of not
Of nevers and over-our-dead-bodies

Cleave through this cloying uncertainty
Throw out the in in indecision’s stutter

Let too-long-fettered decision fly free
Finally acknowledge those gentle words

Steps forward with open eyes and arms
Utters encouragingly one courageous word


For if she rest in correctness and firmness
She is certain there will be good fortune


Three Word Wednesday, December 7th, 2012. (

Compromise, Decision, Forward.



I finally learned
To live magic

Not as if
That fixes anything

Or needs to

Which is good

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