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It’s true some people
Travel to Mumbai overland
Some arrive by air, others by sea

Though they all end up in Mumbai

Yet each of them find themselves
Arriving in a different Mumbai
From that of all the others

Not Enough Then


You had had enough
You drew a line in the sand
Then the wind came by …

Relativity II


Hurtling down the track
Sat here in this racing train
I seem to be still



The Moon, the Sun, rises above
The Earth (the earth
I stand (right here) upon)

May be seen to (May seem to) move
Or stand still
All a question of outlook

For the spinning planet (I hear)
Hurtles round the hurtling sun
Whilst I feel it not

I’ve been in aeroplanes
Way across the globe
In a passenger cabin

Unmoving, static
(Except to eat
Or else eliminate)

No surprise this impossibility
When after all perception
Resides in an imaginary skull

Fortunately The Judge Is A Relative Of Mine

Einstein Winks And In A Flash Is Gone


Alone in the night you left me
Haunted by your spectre

Just the sound of your voice
Pronouncing the word “physics”

I await change, walking the streets
Or else hemmed in by walls

Writhing a stale autobiography
The passion and the agony

Cosmic eternal endlessness
Subatomic timeless emptiness

Energy is never lost
It simply changes form

Lost in illusion
Look: E= mc2

Slowed down energy is all
What matter? All in the mind


Although this is mainly a love poem, interested readers are invited to check out this article if they wish to discover relevant background concepts.

“The nature of 96 percent of physical reality is literally obscure. Meanwhile, the observable physical realm is floating on a vast ocean of energy called the zero-point energy field or the quantum vacuum field, from which virtual particles emerge and disappear, mediating all electromagnetic forces. Your eyes are reading these lines through seething virtual photons as your retinas absorb light, and as nerve impulses move up the optic nerve and patterns of electrical activity arise in your brain, all mediated by corresponding patterns of activity within the vacuum field within and around you.

Even the mass of an obviously physical object like a rock arises from virtual particles in hypothetical fields. In the Standard Model of particle physics, all mass is ultimately explained in terms of the invisible Higgs field, which has a constant strength everywhere. The Higgs boson is supposed to create a cloud of virtual particles in the Higgs field around it, and these virtual particles interact with other quantum particles, giving them mass.”



Just how tiny is an elephant?
Just how enormous is a mouse?
Just how tiny is my thinking?
Just how enormous is my house?

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